Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Ride

I waited for the air to warm up before venturing out around 9:30 am. But it was worth the wait. It was a good hard push through SDSR and the time was 33:00 which is good for me. Doubly good as this was second day in a row. Perhaps that Saturday afternoon nap was helpful.

A bit of a bruha with Jan's Towing large flat-bed tow truck, a paramedic truck, and motorcycle CHP unit making haste up the mountain. The white car had its front end smashed in badly. The front windshield was cracked as if a person's head had hit it. There was more presence by the CHP today besides the motorcycle unit there were two other CHP patrol cars out on the road today. One had a motorist stopped near Newman's.

A squirrel racing across the road in front of my bike near the first saddle as I streamed down the mountain made my heart stop. My neighbor reminds me that squirrels are small and they do have tiny brains.