Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday Ride showed their determination today as clouds clung to foothills, cotton candy wisps loaded with moisture. I hooked up with Jason and Kevin at Sierra Madre. Kevin was checking in and not riding as his leg cramp turned out to be a blood clot. I am so glad he is alive.

At the first push, an 8% upgrade at the ranger station, the strategy was to save the energy for the SDSR leg of the mountain. Jason and I waited at the electronic sign for Matt who rode up with the Simple Green peloton. Jason explained that Carl, Mark, and Bryan had forged ahead.

Jason and Matt kept the pace at an average of 7.0 mph. My brain said it was a second day in a row, but the body said yesterday was barely a warm up. My SDSR time ties for the best time of 32:50. It was good to stop at the first saddle and let Carl and Bryan catch up.

Cheers abounded when Carl and Bryan made it to the shed. Matt surged on to the fork a couple of times to give himself a workout and a stretch. We met Kim from Pasadena who rides GMR occasionally. Kim needed to ride today in spite of the greyness. Hope we see you again Kim!

The descent chilled the bone of the unprepared. Myself, I had donned a dry warmer base layer, heavier jacket, ski cap, ski gloves, arm warmers and leg warmers. It was worth every ounce to have those micro fibers keeping me warmer. The descent was fast and furious. Carl had zoomed out of sight at 35 mph.

The sun finally broke out at the end of the ride. The clouds lifted enough to make out the ridge line. It had been a very good ride indeed.






Of note today is the Mulholland Challenge and the hope is that Wolfgang and Amber do their best and enjoy 100 miles of climbing!