Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Night

Two coyotes prowled the berm below mile marker 10.20 as dusk approached. One had its ears back in a defensive position. The bands of fur on their backs were of different lengths. I moved out of range.

After 10 miles of hiking on Sunday my cycling legs were in good form. Every bone chilling moment rolling downhill felt refreshing tonight. Wheels are good.


BicycleFriends said...

Coyotes are getting brave! I'll have to charge after them next time I see them!

GMR said...

The coyotes aren't getting brave. They were off on the berm at the side of the road ready to disappear into the canyon at any moment. It was dusk and their time to roam. They stayed on the berm and didn't approach. I was coasting a bit slow past them to get all the details. Not certain if the ears back was directed at the other coyote or something I couldn't see.