Friday, March 19, 2010

San Dimas Stage Race - GMR Time Trial

The winner of the Men's Pro/Category 1 goes to Ben Day of Fly V Australia...

Friends ...

Andrew of Oregon for Team Specialized Racing Juniors

Ben of Azusa Pacific

Rick of Torrance

More photos here:


JJ Bennett said...

Thanks for posting Andrew's picture. I really appreciate your tweets during the race.

Andrew had some bum luck during the men's Cat 2 road race when he threw a chain and then had to catch back up to the pack (pedaling like mad with his junior gears!) Unfortunately, he didn't make the time cut and had to sit out the crit today.

Andrew's teammate, Marcus Smith, won the men's Cat 3 road race yesterday. Marcus will be one to watch: he has his 16th birthday today!

Thanks again from Oregon!
Andrew's Dad

RB said...

Cool Pic, thanks for posting it. I had a great time during the stage race, awesome first time stage race experience. Unfortunately I missed the time cut in the Crit, I really didn't know what to expect having never raced a crit in my life. Lots of high end power surges that I have never trained for. Now I now what to work on. I hope to see you all out again next year, or sooner on the slopes of GMR.