Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday - Rain or Shine

It was a dark and stormy night.

Rode out about 4:30 pm and debated about just turning tail and pedaling indoors. The feet kept turning the pedals even though the drops spit on me around mile marker 11.39. Not much. Kept going. Just a bit further. Got to the time trial end. Let the heart rate descend gracefully. Gentle pedaling. Then turned around. The rain proceeded to get heavier but nothing like the Dec 13, 2008. Just spitting. Not even Portland Dry Mist. Two other riders were going up as I came down. No signs of wildlife, the forest denizens smarter than the humans remained warm and dry in their shelter. The rain stopped at the gate. At 5:50 I could see the sun shining briefly through the clouds. It still had 10 minutes before setting. Longer days are coming. Next week is Daylight Savings Time.

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Hillbasher said...

Rode up to the top Monday,starting around 11AM. Road was wet in a few places, but not bad mostly. Was windy at times, but never very bad. Just after starting back down, it tried to rain, never really got going though. That was a good thing. LOL