Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Ride

Bill caught this duck on his trek around Bonelli park this morning. The luxury of retirement ... choosing when to ride.

The longer evening light and spring temperatures brought out the rest of us. One rider in pink shorts cruised up the road at 12 mph easily passing others. Rick and Mike of Rancho Cucamonga out for their first ride since September recognized my weekly mileage. It's always a blast to meet readership. Recommended reading includes Hog Wild and of course Snow Day.

Tony started his spring training today with Matt by his side. Tony ran a 5km race on Sunday so his cycling legs were out of shape.

Stopped by the reservoir. Rain predicted for Wednesday might overflow the upper damn. In Southern California the water won't last long. Enjoy the basin.

My own time trial tonight was good. Under 31 minutes. Now for the recovery aspect of training. Sleep.

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