Saturday, March 27, 2010

Week in Review

Getting out to ride has been a priority. I put in three twenty mile rides this week over the previous week's 16 mile total. The weather this week excellent for the rides. Monday I headed out around 10:30 am on a rare day off. Jesse the Adobo Velo GMR time trial 2009 co-champion played tag with me along the road. I kept in front until Coyote Corner, the hairpin curve with the pine trees. Met Frank past the first saddle who put in back to back rides from Whittier to the shed on Sunday and Monday. Jesse putzed with me to the shed. Phil from the Hagens Berman team who raced in the San Dimas Stage Race asked about the nearest water. Camp Williams or the horse corrals. I came down solo and at mile marker 7.0 saw a double line formation of the Fly V Australia team headed north. Impressive to see the squad smoothly, effortlessly, float up the mountain.

Wednesday afternoon was in the 80s as I treked along the road. I played tag with Daniel, whom I met two or more years ago. Working on intervals, fast along the uphills. Cranked out 11.6 mph on "the climb" from first hairpin turn or bottom of Monroe then easy pedaling to the S-bends. Once again pushing through the steeper parts of the road. Daniel caught me and then paced me to mile marker 10 where my time trial ends. Ron and Matt pushed past me. No gas left. I slugged along to the shed. Steve from SC Velo out for his first ride since his accident looked really happy to be on a bike. Clocked my best time of the year: 30:35.

Saturday, brisk in the morning. I brought leg warmers. I knew it would get up to 80, but early in the morning the thermometer said 49F. The winds were strong. Jason and his friend breezed up ahead. Rick, the triathlete, Matt and I kept a steady pace. Adobo Velo riders put in multiple laps to the shed. Jesse finished early in the day. Brian from SC Velo shouted hello. Good to have lots of cycling company. Met a group of ladies from the Fullerton area practicing for the KOM Challenge. Mulholland is in two weeks. Everyone enjoyed the good weather including the motorcyclists.

Check out the coyote who entered the race, the PAA fan club and more at SDSR-2010. Photo requests send an email.

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Bicycle Friends said...

Although we did not interact much it was nice seeing you. My knee feels fine and I concentrated more on my "spin". We made it to Mt. Baldy despite monster winds that threw us every which way.

Rick was good company too.