Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sunday Pictures

Bill and I took several hundred photos of cyclists and motorcyclists on Glendora Mountain Road on Sunday, March 14th. Describe your vehicle, colors, make, model, number of riders and we will look to see if we caught you on "film". A State Champion practiced the course as well as many others. Good luck to all!


Ernest Millan said...

I was out there on Sunday. Took a few picture as well.

Jayhar said...

I was wearing an "I Beer LA" kit :) Love to see the pics.


GMR said...

Thanks Ernest! I always enjoy the vistas.

Jayhar, do you remember the approximate time? Was it a black shirt?

GMR said...

Jayhar....gotta pack and get to the race today. I will look this evening!

Jayhar said...

yes, black jersey, black bibs w/ white stripe on them. i gave you guys a shaka!

yep said...

Just wanted to say what a blast i had long boarding GMR on Thursday. Had a few really good conversations with a cyclist or two. I was able hitch 4 rides in record time. I would of gotten a few more if i had not been harassed by the Forest Service. Who cut off a cyclist coming down the last 180. Threatened me with a ticket but when I asked him for a ride down the remaining 1 mile said oh I wouldn't be insured in his government vehicle. I understand that he had the law on his side when doing this but he's not a cop. He is there to help us better enjoy the forest. Every cop I've ever spoken to has laid it out pretty simply. Don't be an asshole on the road and we could care less. You may run into a cop who is a jerk and tickets you but ... I can't recall a major accident or even a minor accident that was caused by long boarders. A decent number of us are in our thirties. We love GMR and respect it. We pack out what we bring in usually a little extra too. I really think that the Forest service should focus on things like having a clean road for the race. Come on the place is in the national spotlight as far as cycling goes? Not harass and strand someone in 80 degree who is wearing safety gear.

GMR said...

What statute did they cite? Is it County, City, National? What's the total amount. Were you the only one?

good said...

3% grade or 10mph on any street --LA County
each city has different restrictions if any.
see here

LA should implement something like Portland,OR

See here

This will help not only skates, but also cyclists and pedestrians!