Saturday, June 19, 2010

Baldy Ride

Bill rode to the shed.

Bill took this picture of an eclectic group of folks at shed. Got Names? Nope.

On my ride, a group of riders associated with Stan's Bicycle Store in Monrovia were on the road to Baldy. Had a great time playing tag with Gay and Beth from the banana tree to Cow Canyon Saddle. They were training for a Wyoming bike tour in August. I got names but no picture! Good to have someone to chat with. Takes your mind off your legs.

In the Village met up with Brian and Ray who were on their way down for their ride. Matt caught up with me in the Village. Met Mark who is training for a Hawaii Haleakala Ride. Exotic places.

Rode back with Matt. We passed Brian and Ray on their way back. Ray had a flat tire on the reward descent. A one inch slit of the inner seam of the tube. Lucky dog to have the tire hold while he stopped safely. Matt and I discussed about how Ray had his share of incidents. One with a deer many years ago. The bike was totaled. No sooner than those words were spoken, we turned a corner and there she was! We stopped in our tracks. She crossed the road to move down into the brush. Then raced across the road again to go up the mountain. Learn to hide well. The hunters are already staking out the territory.

This ride felt good. The temperature in Baldy was cool about 72F. Which helped keep the core temperature down and the water intake at a reasonable level. It was a fast ride for me to the Village 2:53:45. My goal is to drop another 20 minutes.


Bicycle Friends said...

Great job Bill! Annette, what's going on? All Baldy all the time!

GMR said...

Warmer weather. Not too hot, not too cold.

New kick in my legs. Better timing from training last year, this year.

Shim in the shoe, reducing knee pain.

Going early.

Take your pick!