Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday Ride

Air temperature was in the 80s. The layer of clouds and smog hung over the valley thick with color. I traveled light. Two water bottles. No need for a jacket. Easy warm up to the electronic sign. After a light night's sleep staying upright was the priority. I opted for a steadier speed tonight. Noticed the new oil spot and clay sand in the S-bends beyond mile marker 12.79. While the clay absorbs the oil, motorcycles can still slip on the grit. A shattered rear view mirror and other smashed parts lay on the dirt shoulder.

Good ride for the time trial. The section beyond the first saddle was slower. I lured one rider into passing me, then I kicked it up a notch and enjoyed riding his back wheel for a mile along with his friend. Good to have external motivation. They stopped at mile marker 7. I pressed on to the top of Monroe.

Cooling my heels at the shed, a rider with a Williams kit on a Cannondale Super Six bike stopped. I asked if he rode at the Pro-level. He chuckled. Matt rode up and introduced me to Dom one of the co-owners of Incycle.

Dom had specked out Matt's replacement frame after his crash a year and half ago. Dom recommended an entire new bike whenever Matt was ready. Dale and Ella arrived. Dale on his new Pinerallo Dogma with an asymmetric frame caught everyone's eye.

Of course the real reason to get out on the road was the view. Always good to see. The ride down was chillier than expected. My teeth chattered with joy. Hopefully I will have a deep peaceful sleep tonight.

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