Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rare Sunday Ride

Saturday was grey and wet enough to register 0.01 inches of rain. That's what 91% humidity meant. The shorter cooler ride on Saturday left me "wanting" on Sunday morning. With a decision about West Fork nixed I rode out for a "recovery ride" up familiar territory. No stress of time or speed. No pushing the muscles. Look up and enjoy the world. How different Glendora Mountain Road looked a day later.

Caught up with Cathy of Bennett and Mike N. on his motorcycle. Glimpsed Frank of Whittier leading a fast descent with two other riders close on his tail.

John C. caught me before Newman's Point. We rode to the shed and then around to the top of Monroe. We had six months or more of chatting to do. School and Physics 2A. Auto Repairs and insurance initiatives. Knee pain and positioning.

At the top, it hit me. The warm bright sun, the blue sky and perfect cotton clouds. Above the city, on the road, meeting friends. This was what I needed.

John and I descended. I spotted Ron along the way going up. He mentioned Italy. I needed to get home for a family gathering. Met Frank of GMR whose a good buddy of John. Frank sees it all go by. Great meeting you Frank!

Perfect Ride.

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