Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ron's Ride

Ron headed up GMR as John and I headed down. It was a quick passing as Ron mentioned someone from Italy. He sent me the scoop with pictures on his ride on an absolutely gorgeous day...... GMR

by Ron G.

I was chasing two of these guys up the hill. Really nice people. They were heading to Crystal Lake.

From L-R Egidio from Italy, Jason from San Diego, and Beth from France.

I told them about the possibility of getting ticketed on Hwy 39 and Egidio said that he wasn't worried and would consider it a trophy for his visit to Calif! "We welcome tourism dollars in any form, Edigio!"

Nice day for a ride. I did the loop from my house to Glendora and up GMR around to Baldy and back almost 43 miles. Did gate to ridge in 46:30 and gate to Cow Saddle in 1:44. Not bad times for a 61 year old, but I have done much better this year.

Got stung by a bee or something on my tongue. Learned a good lesson. Keep my jersey zipped, my helmet liner in and mostly my Mouth Shut! Hope it doesn't swell too much. I react to bee stings.

Take care, hope you had a good ride.

Thanks Ron, I had a great ride! Don't feed the wildlife!

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Bicycle Friends said...

Baldy and back, Baldy ad back, Baldy and back... Great Job!