Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Ride

Temperature doesn't describe the whole weather conditions of the day. Even though is was 57F out, the darkness of June cloud cover hung over Glendora Mountain Road well above the 3000 foot level.

The damp gray wisps of cloud streaks danced on windy feet across the steep hillside. Thin veils of water like sheets hung on the air, then bounced off those that passed through it. I being the optimist wore more summer than winter attire. Tolerable going up, the exposed legs were quite cool on the way down. Toe numbing in short. The warmth of the yellow sun a fleeting memory, a trickery on the brain. The highs and lows of temperatures a starting point for describing a ride as warm, hot or cold.

The gray did not dissuade those from riding either bikes, or motorcycles. There were plenty of folks on the road. I tagged on the back of those who passed for as long as possible. Equipped with enough water for a long ride, I stopped at Newman's and headed back down. The cold, the gray, new cleats on the shoes. Indicators to turn around. I managed to stay upright the entire trip.

Bill started out fine until he flatted his rear tire two miles up the mountain. Race Extra Light tires held up for 2.1 trips on GMR. He opted to put on Armadillo tires. Good choice.

This fellow was on his way to Baldy Village on an ElliptiGo machine. No sore saddle area for him. Too many questions!

Plenty more to watch! Short ride today. Tomorrow is the promise of sun and fun.

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