Friday, June 25, 2010

Over the Side

Two people the driver 21 years old and his female passenger 19 years old drove off Glendora Mountain Road while traveling "west" before mile marker 7.

There is a short uphill section followed by a turn to the left. There is a stone wall where others have missed the turn. Most recently an oil slick from a previous crash has marked the spot and now it has claimed its latest victims driving a 1997 Saturn.

The accident occurred at 12:05 am Thursday morning. The car plummeted 350 feet down the slope. The two were air lifted about 1;40 am to the County USC Medical Center.


yep said...

I'm assuming they did not make it and passed away shortly after being airlifted. I'm sure it was a longtime b4 anyone called 911... So tragic the road really should be closed at like 9 or 10pm?

GMR said...

I think both individuals are ok. I am reading the comments at the SGV Tribune Site. The driver may also be 19 years old and not 21. It's quite a read.