Saturday, July 3, 2010

Baldy Ride

Josiah, Melissa and James a trio of siblings enjoyed their second trip on a closed Glendora Mountain Road today. Their commute from Irvine was well worth the solitude of motor free pavement today. The family fever of cycling caught on fast and I got a kick out of meeting readership! They headed out for another four miles along Glendora Ridge Road.

But I get ahead of myself, the early morning cloud cover surprised us with clouds that swam deep up the San Gabriel Canyon. Once above the clouds, the sun was bright and the white layer blanketed the valley obscuring the river bed below. Bill's view from mile marker 7 caught the moment of the day. To see the larger version, click on photo.

The confluence of time, speed and distance, momentarily overlapped the usual suspects at the shed, Matt, John and Bill. With different tempos and destinations we ended up going our separate ways. Bill in conservation mode for the SC Velo Ride on July 4th stayed at the shed, Matt turned around after two more miles for work issues, while John and I rode on to Baldy.

On the way back from the Village, the mountain range seemed serene and inviting.

It was hard to pass up a single minute of closed road. A good time to stop and view the mountains, smell the blue air, feel the warmth of sun on the skin, the light touch of a cool breeze and the quietness of the road.

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missysue said...

It was great to meet you, Annette! You were so kind. The "sibling trio" hopes to see you next time we ride up there. ~Melissa