Sunday, July 25, 2010

Baldy Ride

Ryan, Beth, Gay and Patrick trained for their bike adventure in Wyoming with a Monrovia to Baldy trip. Beth caught up with me early in the GMR climb. Good to have company on a warm day, it helps to take the mind off the body. Willie, Rick and Kelly said hello as they passed us. Great to see you too!

In Mt Baldy Village met Xavier from Pasadena, a Frenchman on an American built Cannondale bike. We share a common stomping ground with Caltech Geological and Planetary Sciences. I recalled legendary professors names such as Jerry Wasserburg and the Lunatic Asylum, Ed Stopler, George Rossman, Joseph Kirschvink, and Leon Silver. Xavier presented a thirty second overview to his research on atmospheres. The reward for Saturday rides was being above the layer of atmosphere I call smog.

Carlos and Jason celebrated their arrival to the Village. It was Carlos' first trip and they celebrated with shade, water and sitting on something not moving. Congrats Carlos. Carlos and Jason have a flat tire story to tell.

Run to the Top T-shirts will be on sale again on August 14th at the Post office. The price is either $5 for last year's shirt or 2 for $5 for vintage shirts.

It was a solo ride back along the ridge in the heat. Made good time after hanging in the Village for nearly an hour.

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yeahian said...

Hi this is Ian. I thought I saw you on Sunday. I thought I saw you wave but I was skating poorly and somewhat frustrated. I did wave back but maybe I was already past you.