Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fire! Road closed

Fire broke out along Glendora Mountain Road ignited by an over the side vehicle.

Fire viewed from second saddle at 11:12 am

Matt had an upfront and personal view of the fire.

Matt escorted by emergency personnel had a unique view of the scene.

Hearing from Matt that the road was closed, John and I ventured down to East Fork to meet up Bill. GMR closed at the fork at 11:36 am

Glendora Police were keeping vehicles off the road at Sierra Madre 12:38 pm.

All traffic was rerouted.


Unknown said...

Good Work.
I knew something was up when a fixed wing bomber buzzed my house. "Cripes, what was THAT?"
Spent the next 20 minutes atop my roof wonder what and where all this was taking place.

Re-Opening the road might be awhile. Thanks for the update.

GMR said...

Here's the CBS report:

Crews battle 15-acre Fire

Pommi said...

one day I have to conquer your mountain too ....

GMR said...


With the fire season in full swing, I may need to find refuge in the North and conquer your mountain Mt. Diablo. If you are ever in southern california let me know!