Saturday, July 17, 2010

GMR to Baldy Ride - August 7, 2010

Who: Cyclists
What: Ride GMR to Baldy
Where: Sierra Madre and Glendora Mountain Road
When: August 7, 2010
Two Groups: Early start 7:00 am
Later start: ??

I need a head count: Contact GMR

Getting a ride organized for a Vegas Triathlete


Hillbasher said...

Left the house last night just before 8 PM and headed up to just above the shack. What a really nice ride it was. Warm but not hot, and very peacefull out. The lights in the basin were enjoyable. I see you are orginizing a group ride out to Baldy soon, maybe you should consider doing the same for a moonlight ride up to the shack in August or September, before it gets cooler again. (Remember those rides just a few months ago when you had to wear jackets and pants. Ahh, winter time).

Bicycle Friends said...

What time?

GMR said...

Meet GMR and Sierra Madre at 7:00 am on Saturday August 7th. Leave at 7:15 am.