Sunday, July 18, 2010

Saturday Ride

Trying to beat the heat I started early at 7 am and so did everyone else. The leather motorcycle jackets looked extremely hot. It was already 70F. The humidity was high and the body went on strike. The legs said No Speed. The brain said No Frying. And the lungs just laughed. It was a day of easy pedaling, dodging speeding vehicles and blissful moments in the shade.

Met a couple of guys from Irvine Kevin and Greg (shown above) as we dove tailed our way up to the shed. Today they picked a hot one. A perfect day to hear Kevin's stories about winter in Ithica New York, shoveling snow to dig out the car and frozen water on the streets. Ice both virtual and real had a cooling effect on the body.

Kevin and Greg traverse to Glendora Mountain Road about once a month. They check this website in the winter to determine road and weather conditions. I have plans on improving this topic!

Right now the weather is hot and humid. The brush on the hillsides are a one-two punch of fire and tire danger rolled into one. The title of this phot is flat tires in the making.

Rode gently to Fork plus Four. Watched twenty or more Corvettes cruise down the road on a rally. On the way down stopped at Newmans to check the water level in the reservoirs. The lower reservoir has lowered significantly.

Stay cool. Got my bike cleaned on Sunday. Finally its been too long.

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