Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wednesday Night Ride

It's been a challenging week at work. Lots of turnover. Didn't ride Monday night. Got home late on Wednesday. Astounded by the fabulous looking weather I headed out later than normal. Got to Glendora Mountain Road and Sierra Madre at 6:02 pm.

It was "cooler" in the 82-85F range. More shade from the canyon hills. Not many folks on the road. Two newbie drivers. One dark green mini van with a terrible clank in his hub cab or wheel tailed me for a quarter of a mile. I slowed and let it pass. Another set of newbie motorists were consulting their Thomas Brothers Road maps at the first saddle trying to find Big Dalton Canyon Wilderness Park. They were there for a photo shoot. I instructed them to go back down the hill and make the first left turn. Other than that not much happening.

Needed to blow off steam and forget about the tornadoes that swirl at the office. Biking fills that need.

The clouds were distinctive Wednesday night. There is beauty in the world.

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