Saturday, August 7, 2010

Baldy Ride

After last week’s adventure of riding down the mountain while a fire burned below, the course corrections and intertwined paths of riders and rescuers, I thought nothing could top that. Today’s ride did so and more.

Renee and Joe arrived at 6:30 and picked up the van for the support and gear (SAG) duties. Two large ice chests empty where put in the back along with patch kits, tubes, tires, first aid kit and more. They headed out to pick up breakfast while I dashed into a state of ready to ride.

Bill and I arrived at the corner of Sierra Madre and Glendora the rendezvous spot for the group. John from Las Vegas a triathlete and instigator of the ride chatted with Renee and Joe. I passed a rider bent over the back seat of his car. I liked his bright orange shirt with Duff Beer. We chatted and then Renee decided to invite the other rider along. Sure. Go ahead. He may hang with us or not. It was the moment of no way! recognition as I put down the camera and his face came into view. Ken! A colleague from 10 years ago now bitten with the biking bug, joined in our adventure.

We rode up to Palm and picked up John of GMR and set a lively pace up the road. John LV had the stories of his personal ride around Big Bear Lake both on and off road, escapades with the wildlife, his endurance prowess as well as his fond memories of high school days on Glendora Mountain Road.

The counterpoint was on. Ken had his Chantry Flats deer encounters, his preparation for Levi Leipheimer's King Ridge Gran Fondo in October, the hobnobbing, the recalling of grand old days at our work and future employment possibilities.

I merely interjected names of points of interest along the way, Start of the San Dimas Stage Race, Bottom of Monroe, the Ramp, last week’s fire, the S-bends, Colby Trail, Coyote Corner, first, second and peacock saddle. The shed, top of Monroe, the Fork, San Dimas Experimental Forest, the point of no return, Reward Climb, Cow Canyon Saddle, and of course the Village.

Ron caught us before the shed, then took a detour down to Camp Williams. He and Matt met up with us in the Village.

Renee and Joe performed their duties impeccably with ice cold water, Sub-way sandwiches, Gatorade and loads of granola bars. I needed to repay favors from clubs, groups and folks who I have bummed water from their supported rides over the past few months. Paying it forward was the term. The sandwich was oh so good in the Village -- a real treat compared to the normal processed bar food.

New folks along the road: Met Mike at the shed, Aaron and PTC members at the Village. Tom on the return to the shed.

Pleasant surprise to see my friends Edith, Marty and Levee from Riverside Bicycle Club. Marty enjoyed the pure delight of a smooth ride with 5000 feet of climbing on his steel fixie.

Everyone had a great time. Always someone to ride with and talk to. Ken and John LV flew up the Reward Climb together. Ken noticed on the Reward descent, wow I did all that climbing? Great ride!

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Ken R said...

Hey Annette, great running into you. Can't wait for my next ride up GMR.