Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday Ride

102F when I rolled out of my garage. My neighbor Gary smiled and chuckled. My goal for the day was to stay upright and hydrated. I succeeded. While a few degrees hotter than Monday, the air was clearer and the heat stronger. I felt much better.

Kent and Cheryl relaxing after a good strong pace up Glendora Mountain Road.

Ron who completed a yo-yo to East Fork and back.

Matt drenched in the heat of the day from keeping up with James.

James a mountain biker enjoying the light airy feel of a road bike.

Ray enjoying the chocolately goodness of an unmelted Tiger's Milk bar.

Beauty after a good push up the mountain.


Hillbasher said...

Went up on Wednesday to the Village with Mr Beanz. Were as it was not too bad on the way up with a 7:20 AM start, by the time we got back down it was HOT. D-- HOT.As is always the case though, it was a great time.

GMR said...

Good to know Hillbasher!

I am headed for the Village on Saturday morning at 7 am. Hope the temperatures to be just a few degrees cooler.

I do recommend the store by the Lodge for a nice cold drink for the hot ride back!