Saturday, August 21, 2010


Late out the door due to a work emergency I found myself trying to catch up with John who was riding up Glendora Mountain Road. I shouted up the canyon at the first trashcan where the recent fire started. My voice reverberated up through the canyon. No visual. yet. I caught him around mile marker 12.19. Dude it was good to have company.

Matt caught us before the shed and then rode with us along Glendora Ridge Road for a few miles to about Fork plus five or six. The heat kept alot of folks off the road. It was a battle to keep hydrated and core body temperature down. Today's reward cool drinks at the store by the Lodge. Refrigeration is a marvelous invention. Jaeger a big black and white dog stood alert on the store steps. Based on the huge pile of bear scat at the Visitor Center, the watchfulness of Jaeger gave me comfort. The bugs drilled into me on the way back. I learned to zip the kit after one large winged bug nose dived off my chest and then plunged down my shirt.

The first climb out of Baldy Village was always a kicker after that I found a bit more strength to push up the hills. Testing to see if the extra protein at breakfast helps. I think it did.

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Bicycle Friends said...

I thought you may have left earlier to beat the heat. I was looking for you the whole way up! We'll have to connect next time.