Saturday, August 14, 2010

Baldy Ride

My tenth ride to Baldy this year. Nice to feel the rhythm of the road, the strength to go the distance and the discipline of the mental reserves to get me there and back. This week was quiet in comparison to the blast I had last week with the group ride with John, John LV, Ken, Renee, Joe, Matt and Ron.

The sky was crystal clear and the view spectacular. I have re-stocked my tool bag with my complete mini-tool, it comes with four sizes of spoke wrenches. It’s important to have a proper set of tools when you meet folks in need.

Met some new folks along the way. Curtis manned the support vehicle while he recovered from a Marshall Canyon mountain bike injury. Curtis, explain to me again, the advantages of using film in that camera. Rachel, Cathy and Grace rode up 39, North GMR, to GRR. I caught up with Rachel and rode with her awhile.

This was a quiet and sterling day for a ride. Life was good in the mountains. Enjoy.

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