Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saturday Ride with Matt

Matt reported it was a very quiet day on GMR. Much cooler than wednesday!
He did something different and rode up GMR and down the back side to Camp Williams. Very little traffic so it was a good ride.


Hillbasher said...

Rode up late Saturday afternoon with Mr Beanz and his wife Gina. Was easily 30 defrees cooler than last time up on Wednesday. This was Gina's first time up in over a year and she did real good. Ride down was actualy just South of being COLD, which felt really good.

Hillbasher said...

Went up Wednesday, 9/1, getting a much too late start. Was hotter then h--- all the way up to the shack. We had intended to do the Village, but thought better of it. Even a suffer fest was better than staying home.