Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Ride

Rode out at 4:45 pm. It was somewhere between 105-107F. Now for those Las Vegas folks this may be cool weather, but for this southern California cyclist it was more than enough. The sun scorched the skin and seared through the clothes. I had a couple of baggies of ice cubes in the back pockets. They didn't last long.

It was great to have company as John and I rode to the shade. Endurance. No speed goals tonight. Survival of the smartest. Little did we know that as we passed the bottom of Monroe the news of the night was resting in the shade.

Matt and Ron left much later and happened upon this forest family foraging for fragments of foresaken foodstuffs from folks futily flinging fodder into garbage cans.


Unknown said...

Joan and I saw the three bears as we headed up the road. They were headed south along the streambank. Cute babies but momma bear was big!

yeahian said...

Glad i wasn't trying to hitch a ride up when those guys were there! Sadly i have not ridden GMR since I saw you up there. To many inexperienced kids skating it, which translates into greater # Sheriff's who are very anti people skating GMR and more than happy to hand out $400 tickets! I'll probably be bck in up there in October /November when things cool off! Good thing for Little T, Chantry, and Malibu still I really miss my bi weekly GMR sessions! Hope you well and having a blast.