Sunday, July 24, 2011

Above it All

Group Beanz is growing stronger every day. This is their fourth Saturday in a row on the mountain. Excellent form as always. Added a member or two.

The yuccas are blooming late this year. Usually see them in May and June. Here it is July nearly August!

The talk is about Greg who has returned to the mountain after his brush with melanoma. Good reminder to put on the sunscreen.

Ron is prime to start his post surgery recovery. We are both in Tour de France withdrawal syndrome. What to do with all that free time now that Cadel Evans -- the first Australian ever (since 1903) has won the Tour?

Rick, Matt and I rode to the Sunset Trail turnout near Fork plus 8. Rick continued on to village while instructing a younger rider on routing choices.

Baldy was clear while the inversion layer held a thick marine layer over the valley below. Above it all:

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Mr. Beanz said...

You were right, it was 3 weeks in a row, Oops! But next Sat will be 4ha ha!