Saturday, July 9, 2011

Road Open

Glendora Mountain Road is once again open for multi-use traffic. The motor vehicles are back and eyes should be wide open.

The early morning meeting for work from 1 - 2:30 am tore into my performance. Staying upright and moving forward was my goal. Rode with Matt awhile and happened upon the legendary figure of Mr. Beanz, Gina, Alyce and Herb. Welcome to the road Alyce and Herb. Mighty fine riding for the first time. Matt pushed on to Baldy. I stayed and enjoyed the heroic tales of Mr. Beanz and his literary talents. His videos are entertaining, folksy and artistic. Beanz has a talent of just chatting with people and making them feel at ease while capturing their essence in the digital world. The Mr. Beanz Bicycle School of Photography is having a summer session so sign up now.

I rode to fork plus four before the heat told me to stop. On the way up I smirked as a troop of riders were fixing a flat. I knew that would swing back my way. As I was thinking of Ron's mishap by the electronic sign my back tire blew out. I picked up a shard of glass. Had the mountain rescue vehicle pick me up. Incycle replaced the tube patched the tire and put on new tape on the handle bars. Nice to have a dollar or two to spend on the bike.

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Mr. Beanz said...

Love this post GMR! You are too kind with your words hahaha! Nice having a chance to visit with you again!