Saturday, July 30, 2011

Epic Ride

Some rides start off normal enough. Riding in the cool of the morning to beat the heat and still make Baldy Village. Then to prove your outstanding endurance you show up the "Loopers" who sneak down Baldy Road for an easy and fast completion to their day just how it is really done by completing an out and back ride. Those uphills become downhills and in like manner those downhills become uphills. To build up confidence in my ride partner John and build up the confidence in my knee its not that far.

Matt joined us for a short section on the way up the "Col du Shed". He headed out first and we caught up with him again in Baldy Village. He left the Village ahead of us for his ride back. John and I hung out at the store. Buying ice cold water and Powerade. yummy. Deliciously cold to bring down the core temperature. My bike decided gravity was a friend and fell over at the store. Hmm. Then I picked up sap on my tire which attached itself to lots of crap on the road. Hmm. The thunderhead clouds were enjoyable to watch and wonder at. I enjoyed the climbs up to Cow Canyon Saddle and to the Point of No Return (mile marker 4.0). I was pleased with our progress. A squirrel darted across the road, immediately there was a huge rock to avoid and a motorcycle zoomed by fast. Threes. Done.

Traditions such as the stop at Newmann's Point, the first saddle and numerous stops along the road to take pictures of Baldy. Traditions. Enjoyed down hill at last. Ready for down hill just roll along down hill then a US Forest Service ranger has a "SLOW" sign. Hmm. We turn the hair pin corner to find a US Forest Service Truck has stopped. We come to a dead stop. Sorry can't go any farther. There are three containers leaking a bad fume. Hazardous Materials Team has been called.

John and I find a bit of shade and hang out. We hang out for 30 to 40 minutes. The time dragged out. Called Bill and Matt. Matt had the info of seeing a black Dodge/RAM Truck around noon at the scene. The individual was putting a blanket over the containers. If you have any information send me a note.

Brandon the US Forest Service Ranger brought us ice cold drinks. Many thanks. Tried to negotiate personal mountain rescue vehicles to come and whisk us back taking the long route up Highway 39, East Fork, North GMR (or little GMR) and down, the daunting hour plus journey just to arrive didn't bode well. When the sheriffs took over the road closure, John and I agreed to take the trail option down to the next hair pin turn. A cyclecross adventure indeed. We then scooted down the mountain. Did get a whiff of the gas and yes it was nasty smelling.

Still this seems eerily familiar to the last Saturday of July 2010 when the road closed due to fire.

Good to be home. This feels vaguely similar to the last Saturday of July in 2010 when a fire was started from an overturned vehicle. So good to be home. Clean. Cool and ready for food.

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Mr. Beanz said...

Wow, it is amazing that people do terrible things like this dump! Good thing you didn't drink the squirrels, they may have been contaminated.