Friday, July 15, 2011

Saturday, Sun and Sierra Madre

Weather forecasts for Saturday indicate Ultra-Violet (UV) rays to be high in the Los Angeles area. Slather on the sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher if you are going out and bring more if you ride longer than two hours. The bugs are going to feast on me this weekend. My bugspray-sunscreen does well to detract bugs, but is less effective than my sunscreen. My sunscreen is a titanium mix and the bugs find it tastey. Bring water if you plan to ride GMR. The last watering hole is at the horse corrals at Boulder Springs. The gazebo has a drinking fountain.

Also note that Sierra Madre is under construction. Two right lanes on the north side of the street are closed between Grand Avenue and Barranca/Ben Lomond. The construction is planned to complete August 29th. I drive Sierra Madre early in the morning, so I haven't seen what they are doing other than blocking lanes with those orange pylons that bite cyclists.

The Montrose riders will need to right smart on Saturday as Monrovia Police plan to monitor the ride. I myself, appreciate all the drivers who see me and grant me the right away when I approach stop signs.

Ride safe.

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