Sunday, July 17, 2011

Saturday is now a blur

Saturday July 16, 2011. I wanted to get out on the road early to beat the heat and the UV index. Bill checked the air in my tires and broke the valve on the tube of my front wheel. He replaced the tube and I was on my way by 7:15 am. The air was a bit nippy however the sun promised warmth and was streaming through the clouds and sky earlier than Friday.

I wanted to warm up the muscles easy before pushing the hill. Sierra Madre was taken moderately. Cyclists were out and about. Two guys, one in a blue kit and one in a yellow kit played tag for half an hour. Sonny in blue and John in yello pushed past me fast before Palm Drive. However, I breezed past them on the slope by the Dalton Hot Shots Ranger Station as Sunny lost his chain. I just wanted to get the bad part done. I slowed and they passed me by the electronic sign. I caught up with them on the first incline by the first hair pin curve. I call this "the ramp". Its a nice straight uphill section. All this to say we were evenly matched and ended up riding together until the clock struck 8:25 am.

I passed Group Beanz, Mr. Beanz, Gina Beanz, Herb and Alyce Beanz and Will Beanz on the way to the first saddle. We talked at the shed about Laurette Fretta and his interview with Ray Clone. I tarryed while Group Beanz pushed on.

It was a pretty day but the domestique had had too many beers. We turned around at the point of no return (Fork plus 4). A red jeep pulled up and Ray Clone stopped to talk to us. Disney Downtown was fun. Lots of family. He had a tale of how his Mini-Doberman Pincher barked down a 300 pound bear. A handful of dog can make alot of ruckus. Ray counted nearly 40 cyclists riding Glendora Ridge Road on Saturday morning.

Talked with John at the shed. Then met Bill at mile marker seven. He had stopped to coach two women on how to change a flat tire. Two in one day, Bill! It may be flat tire season. Bill told the story of his ride up Glendora Mountain Road. He was not aware of the furry shadow following him around mile marker 11 until another cyclist who zoomed by alerted him of his tail.

John and Sonny. Will try to get out the same time to ride with you.

Will also drives his car on Glendora Mountain Road at 2:00 am. How are you even awake?

Mr. Beanz and Gina in the lead!

Mr. Beanz parking Gina's bike. Let's put the good carbon Trek bike on top of the sturdy LeMonde Bike.

Gina looking refreshed enough to ride another 18 miles.

Will and Herb.

Alyce are we there yet?

The marine layer thick over the valley.

How far is Baldy?

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