Friday, July 1, 2011

Glendora Mountain Road Closed for July 4 Weekend

Heaven is here . Glendora Mountain Road is closed . Friday July 1 at 12 noon. The forest ranger told us to enjoy the ride down. John and I did.


Hillbasher said...

Went up Saturday night about 6:30 with Gina and Fred. Way warm first 2 miles or so, then it cooled off to were it was real nice. Hit the top and got down just as it really got dark. I had a light but Fred was riding blind. Kept Gina right in front of me so she would have at least some light. Great ride finished with a burrito at Sergio's. Yummm

Hillbasher said...

Just as we left the shack, 2 riders coming up flew by us. Someone Fred knew and the guys girlfriend. They went all the way to the village under the coolness of dark. She was on a fixie it turns out. WOW. Not that takes some doing to make the village on one of those. Impressive. We passed 3 or 4 other riders that were heading up with lights on. It is as nice as it gets up there when it is warm and the valley below is all lit up at night. You all should try it. Full Moon is around the 15th or so, great time to ride.

Unknown said...

July 3, 9:45AM Mile 11 to 12
Aggressive coyote on the road!
I'am 6' 220 lbs. The coyote pursued me within 2 feet multiple times with my bike between him and I. Even after I yelled and I went toward him with my bike. This happened 5 times? I tried to slowly walk away and he followed. This lasted about 6 minutes with me staring him down. Finally, several riders raced down the road and distracted the coyote and I took off. This would not be a good situation with multiple coyotes and a smaller person. I have ridden in the wilderness for years and never had a coyote this aggressive?