Monday, August 2, 2010

Road open 4 pm


Hillbasher said...

Up the road Tuesday morning. Lots of stickers at the halfway point, as they were working on cutting the weeds back on the road side, and getting lots of stuff on the pavement. As a result, I flatted for the first time in years. The only bad part was the heat, making the tire change an effort. Otherwise, Mr. Beanz and I had a good ride up to the shack. Stopping at Newman's point, we met Kevin, who was in his car, but said he rides with friends in the Diamond Bar area. He was up GMR playing hookey from school. talked for a while, nice guy.

banksd1983 said...

awesome. I'm taking a couple friends up GMR to Baldy Village for their first time on Sunday at 8am. Glad to hear the road is open. Look out for me in my ShoAir kit. I'll be the one out front ;)