Saturday, October 9, 2010

Beanz Bonanza

Met Jason and "M" early at the corner of Glendora Mountain Road and Sierra Madre. Baldy was their destination and they made quick time up the road. M had the chance to ride on Thursday morning after the rains earlier in the week. The quiet of the morning brought out the forest denizens including six close encounters with deer on his ride. One deer panicked and ran straight for him. He stopped to give it time to find its way to cover.

At the electronic sign I met up with Gina and Mr. Beanz. The decision to hang out and enjoy their company for the ride to the shed was immediate. Mr. Beanz an icon of the cycling websphere told epic stories of people and routes and strong performances. His brillant colored jersey perfect for the fall hunting season blazed orange to the numerous hunters we rode past this morning. We had a great time talking and riding. Met Jeanie who gave us a good stretch of our legs.

While hanging out at the shack with Beanz and Gina, Bill and Late Breaking joined us. We swapped cards and coins and camera bags. Mr. Beanz joked that if he wore plastic bags for shoes next week, he might be able to trade up. No can do, bro! Wrong shoe size!

With the perfect weather I rode solo to Fork plus 8.3. The high point before the last four rolling hills to Baldy. The blue sky dazzled today.

Bill's Bike.

Bill's Panorama

Baldy at Glendora Ridge Road mile maker 8.3

Baldy at Glendora Ridge Road mile marker 6.2


Bicycle Friends said...

As always, nice seeing you. Bummed I missed Mr. Beanz. We made good time to GMR and stopped very little. I made it home with and hour to spare!

Mr. Beanz said...

Nice to ride with ya today GMR! Thanks for the stuff! But you left out the part where you ripped my legs off on the climb. If you're gonna tell the story, tell the truth and nuttin' but the truth haha! Geeze you've gotten STRONG!