Thursday, October 14, 2010

Freedom Ride

Wednesday, October 13, 2010. I started late around 9:30 am waiting for the day to warm up. What a mistake! I have ridden in hotter weather in the late afternoon with long shadows on the road. Today the late morning autumn sun super heated the air and the road. Nowhere to hide. The searing rays of the sun bore down for 90 percent or the ride. The heat sapped the strength I might have had, it sizzled right out me.

Barely a soul on the road. The smart folks were coming down the mountain as I wound my way up. No one passed me by and the forest denizens were hiding in the cool respite of the shade. No bees. Monday evening the mass of bees at the top of Monroe stung Ron. Matt evaded the swarm but got caught below the first saddle. Wednesday, the flies didn’t find me until I reached the tiny bit of shade along the “feed zone” between mile markers 9.49 and 9.06. Guys, What bees?

Today was freedom day. The old job past, fifteen years completed, the mad dash of handing off tasks and conversing the deep tribal knowledge of custom built systems to the new régime. Three days to relax, focus and prepare for the challenges of the new job on Monday.

Quite surprised to find Adobo Velo at the shed, Jess and Rosalee. Edgar and El. Single speed Ron! I haven’t seen you in months! The buzz was about Mr. Beanz’ blog, Mr. Beanz and I were hanging out together, and the smiles on everyone’s faces as they reverently speak “Beanz”. The group was ready to head down.

I caught up the Adobo Velo on the way down stopped in the shade of the feed zone as Ron pumped a flat tire. I like the Kevlar in my Armadillo tires. As I talked to Ron, Bryson of Azusa Pacific and his dad Greg were headed to the shed. Adobo headed down and I stayed and chatted with Greg and Bryson. Bryson has a cycling club on facebook. We conversed about past and future Tour of Californias. The joy of standing six hours on a single stage for 30 seconds of excitement. Yep. My stage was the Queen stage, Stage 6 along Highway 2. Greg had a VIP dinner and meet the athletes event. Awesome.

John rode up and we headed up to the shed. We caught up on classes and bathroom remodels. Chatter takes the mind off the muscles and the company the incentive to keep up. We stopped short of mile marker 7 in the shade.

Great ride. lots of time to think things for oneself and then a party of friends to break the solitude!


Mr. Beanz said...

Cool pics and nice report Glendora! Singlespeed Ron, I'm thinking Pinoybentr from the forums. Dude's crazy, singlespeed, folding bikes up GMR? and fast too! I've seen the others (recognize the gal in pink) but we haven't met yet!;) Blog is funny, some people like it, others throw tomatoes at me haha!

Nice report! I'm jealous of the poetic style of writing. You're making me look bad, Grrrr!

Congrats Manager!;)

GMR said...

Pinoybenter and Single Speed Ron are the one and the same. Ron mentioned having talked to you Beanz!

Hah! My eloquent words just don't add up to the beauty and pizzazz that you put into your videos, the pictures, the music, the camera angles and interviewing skills. You've got it all! I must admit your videos keeps my toes tapping and my heart singing. Your videos keep me connected to the road!

Mr. Beanz said...

Haha! Huffing, puffing and stuttering into the camera aren't exactly skills like your writing. I might need to hire a ghost writer hehe!

Thanks! I am happy if even one person enjoys the videos! Appreciate the feedback.;)