Monday, October 4, 2010

Road condition is wet from alight mist. The farther in the wetter and slicker the pavement looks.
Mr Beanz was smart to ride early today.


Mr. Beanz said...

Hehehe! Our ride was actually on Sunday the 3rd (dated the title) but I didn't post it till Monday morning. That's why the date says Monday the 4th.;)

I'm a rain sissy!

GMR said...

should have known based on how sunny the pictures looked. Congrats to Gina!

Hillbasher said...

Mr Beanz ride in the rain? No way. LOL He is afraid he might melt.But I do understand his concerns.On the flats in the rain is one thing, but in the mountains in the rain is a completely differant story. Have been caught up GMR in a downpour before, not my idea of a fun, safe, or enjoyable place to be.