Saturday, October 16, 2010

Grey fog dampened the morning air with a humidity of 96%. It was actively moist and drizzling in Glendora. Fortunately the drizzles merely hung in the air by the time I got to Glendora Mountain Road. Adobo Velo were staging under the oak tree. Normally they ride from En Canto Park in Duarte. Those folks are fast and I needed a good head start.

The visibility was low. I could make out 20-30 feet in front of me. No sense in taking a picture of grey road, grey white sky. A solo ride to the first saddle a bit spooky in the shroud of clouds. Three ridge runners were headed down and I asked if there was any hint of sun. Yes, three miles from here. Hope.

Swept up by the Adobo Velo vortex, I rode in the middle of their pack at their "touring pace". I think it was the need for companionship that fueled my legs. Rosalee mentioned, Great Weather! Compared to the burning rays of Wednesday, yes it was a welcome relief. Mandy asked where my two domestiques were. I laughed. Missing in Action and Waiting for Sun.

Mandy summed up the day, "If you run out of water, just open your mouth and stick out your tongue". Yes, Mandy I agree the fog was that moist.

As promised we hit sunlight around Newman's. The backdrop was astounding. We stopped for pictures. Definitely click this for a larger view:

Adobo Velo...Manny of La Crescenta, Mandy, Rosalee and Francis.

On the left was Glendora and Los Angeles under a grey layer. On the right San Gabriel Canyon under white blanket of clouds.

Adobo Velo rode to the top of Monroe and then headed down for another interval from bottom to top. I hung out at the shed and chatted with a triathlete named Scott recovering from a basketball injury.

Decisions to make, my choice was fog or sun. I opted for sun and headed towards Baldy. I stopped near the experimental forest. Very few folks on the road today.

I rode to fork plus six. Today was a day that you could pick your season by altitude. Low altitude autumn. High altitude summer.

On the way down, I met Matt around Fork plus two. We headed for the shed. And met Luann from Orange County Rebels. Ray Clone joined us and there the conversation of road rash, deer and the dead carcass on the road.

Matt and Ray.

The day was still goregous at this altitude at the shed.

Newman's Point I put on the leg warmers, jacket and ear warmers. Yes, a day for sun screen and warmers.

Back to the lower altitude of First Saddle:

Ray. Check out the glasses.

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AdoboVelo Cyclist said...

Hi Annette, as usual, entertaining post. The un-named Adobo (yellow jersey, red bike) is Manny, from La Crescenta