Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Ride

Sunday outlook: sunnier yet cooler than Saturday. Without the clouds it was brisk for me here in southern California. A mere 49F. Yes, I do get razzed by all the folks north and east of here, but it's all relative and when you ride in heat of 105F, the body says 49F is titillating. The sun helped with mental hurdles, but I missed the photo op with the clouds. Clouds bring out the hillsides and provide depth and dimension to the sky. The clouds I like, by the way are the ones that don't rain on me.

Started later than usual around 8:15 am. The hip flexor said its cold and you haven't warmed me up. OK, lets stand to pedal and stretch you out. Plenty of traffic on the road -- skateboarders, motorcyclists, cyclists, and the rifle hunters whose season started. Gotta remember to ditch the antlers from my helmet.

Matt caught up with me by the first saddle. It's been six weeks since we have ridden up the road. There is something about the uphill battle that conversation helps to alleviate the brain from the body. Downhill is a different beast indeed. Had to disclose about the saturday harvest in my front yard. 15 pounds of mushrooms. This is one paper grocery bag full and one plastic bag full of stems and stalks. Not going to try them to see if they are edible. I should ask Mr. Beanz if he has the perfect song for this down and dirty activity!

Met Carlos and James (Team Velocity) at the shed who were doing a 50 mile loop that included Highway 39 up North GMR. Matt headed down. I headed on to Glendora Ridge Road. Got going and decided the legs were good for six more miles.

Amazingly quiet on the way back for a Sunday afternoon. Must have let the traffic pass as I stopped on the return trip to the shed. There was a newly purchased blue toyota with no license plate who burned enough brake fluid to cook a hamburger. Perhaps it was good that they were working. Met Mike near the bottom, starting his ride. The temperature was warm and the road had the full strength of the sun to warm you up.

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