Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday Ride

[Updated 2010-10-03 20:17]

Jason and I rode up Glendora Mountin Road at a decent clip. It was a fairly quiet morning. The grey weather delayed a number of folks from riding out early. Matt an early bird today got out and enjoyed a dry ride.

We Reached Newman's and caught Matt on his descent. Jason chatted about fixies, Matt about his auto needing repair. A helicopter patrolled the hillside and buzzed over our heads.

Jason and I headed up to the shed in the quiet hushed and tranquil morning. Bill joined us at the shed and enjoyed his new 2011 Trek Madonne.

Photo by Bill.

The flies were out in full force today which kept us moving. A van pulled up, a fellow chalked a finish line on the road as AdoboVelo cyclists completed their time trial! Bill remarked favorably on the Cannon 7D camera of the Adobovelo photograher.

Felix had foot issues and wasn't riding today. I feel your pain. Riders poured on the speed as they completed the eight mile stint to the shed. Rosalee looked exhausted, and commented on her performance. In my book you did a super job Rosalee.

Ken "Body by Duff" stopped for a moment before wending his way up to Baldy Village. A man after my own heart, Ken prefers the out and back ride to the village over "the loop" down Baldy Road. Sporting a beautiful new Cervelo RS he expects a Gran Fondo adventure on his new wheels next weekend. Sweet ride. Enjoy!

Graham a "former professional mountain biker converted to roadie" pushed hard on his classic celeste colored Bianchi bicycle. Time to keep track of the numbers, Graham!

Photo by Ray.

Mike who I met a few weeks ago was looking strong and improves every week. To sum it all up a quiet morning rapidly turned into an event!

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