Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Ride 10/23/2010

Mornings were getting darker, colder and wetter. This morning arrived early and the cold grey thunder head clouds haunted me overhead. Just happy that the clouds didn't let out a burst of rain. First day in a week to be out on the bike again. Ready to pedal. This past week combined with wet weather and new job left little free time to ride. With a fresh pair of legs, I rode with Nate, Jason and Karl to the shed. It was an upbeat tempo to the shed, my legs and knees kept pace and it was good to hang.

Met up with Scott's group of Brig, JC, Tall John and friend as they staged at the shed before heading out to the Village. Adobo Velo practiced for the Death Valley ride next week with multiple climbs to the shed. Also spotted a few more SC Velo folks out for a ride on the road.

The four of us rode out to Fork plus Four or the Point of No Return. The clouds were breaking. Arrived back at the shed at 10:20 am. Hoping to see Bill and Matt. Bill rode to Newman's Point. Matt chose comfort and rest and recovered from a cold.

On the way down. Stopped for photos at miler marker 10.20 and 12.42 - Colby Trail. From there down it was a friend fest: Alan and Janet, Hillbasher, Gina and Allen. Howdy! Then the web world collided with reality as Mr. Beanz, Bicycle Friends and myself chewed the breeze near Colby Trail. Mr. Beanz those certainly looked like new shoes to me. hehehe. We discussed jersey colours, logos and prices. All in all it was a good time to be on the road. Kept dry. Plenty of layers and a hint of sun.

Road condition sandier from the vehicle traffic of Friday night.

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