Sunday, January 25, 2009

Good day for a ride

The rain on the previous day left plenty of rocks strewn across the road and a "rock run" truck had cleared them off the road by Sunday morning. The road dry, wheel friendly and lightly traveled was mine. It was a soul healing ride for inner and outer strength. My muscles reacted like it had been a year since the last upward push when in reality it was a mere week.

The Sunday ride allowed me to see a few friends and make new ones. After finishing catching up with Cathy from Bennett. I met Ben from Illinois, a Junior at Azusa Pacific University studying Communications. As he took a couple of pictures with his cell phone, I mentioned I had a website with pictures of the mountain. He already knew of it! He had directed his parents back east to take a look to see where he rides! Ben is prepping for a triathlon and can race 20 miles in an hour from APU to the first saddle and back in time for class at 9:30! He kept the pace up between the first saddle and the helicopter turnout. My mind froze when Ben mentioned it was -20F in Illinois in December. Those temperatures were mind boggling cold!

Note to Ben, please email GMR and I will send you the full size photos.

It was a rare day as all the foliage glimmered as the sun shone on the rain drops cupped in their leaves.

I love the clouds when I can ride.

Glendora Mountain Road was dry and rock free.

To my new found Illinois readers be warm! Each day we gain more daylight. :)

The first time to the maintenance shed since January 4, 2009.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


The well rested, well feed, well exercised "GMR" who showed up to work in early January wasn't to be found this week. A week of frustrations from all fronts, work, family, life in general reached a critical boiling point. What many would consider small problems, in the face of exhaustion mole hills fill the mental landscape.

When finally one has the time and the inclination to cycle, the weather was uncooperative. I debated about the "mist" versus the amount of time I would spend cleaning off the wet gravel from all the nooks and crannies of gears and shafts. I opted for a hike.

A lot of rocks have slid down the cliffs so the road and paths are wary. The beauty of the mountain could not assuage today's frustration and I resorted to the indoor Cycleops Pro 300PT. It is amazing that Cycleops can also pick up the signal from the Polar Heart monitor. Cross vendor communication is always iffy. The heart rate is the red line. The power output is the gold/yellow. There is debate between my triathlete brother-in-law about the usefulness of indoor training. Training of any kind is better than no training.

A year ago 29-Jan-2008 pre-injury ride looked like this:

Today's burn was 357 kcal (Polar) or 240 kjoules (Cycleops) of work. The endorphins are eroding the mole hills into oblivion.

Almost a year ago I sustained an injury to my left foot. I am hoping that I will be riding this February. I am ready for help and have discovered a custom foot insole that looks worthwhile. Wednesday, I will be scanned for eSoles at the Physical Edge.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Short weekend

My weekend biking and hiking was cut short with the upgrade of an enterprise application for work. Sunday was soul healing with its clear blue skies. Click for larger image!

Can you hear the birds chirping, the bees buzzing and the squirrels nattering in the brush?

Friday Ride

Friday January 16, 2009

The warm weather was great last week. Even harder for us "grunts" who have to work. The retired person was out on his bike embarking on new heights.

Bill found that complying with road signs "Damn near killed him."

Monday's sunrise was spectacular.

Photos courtesy of Bill

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday Ride

Clearly today was spectacular for a mid-week ride. The sunlight and warmth made perfect conditions for a longer ride. Glendora Mountain Road at fork plus one.

Photo courtesy of Matt.

Bonelli Park

While the Northeast United States fought biting cold temperatures, southern California blossomed under a mid-January heatwave certain to bring out riders.

The view from Bonelli to Mount Baldy was picture perfect.

Click for larger view. Photos courtesy of Bill.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Everyone is riding

Bill was out today riding for two hours around Glendora and San Dimas. He stopped at the dam in Bonelli Park. In Bill's words it was a "Dam Day".

Photo courtesy of Bill.

In the afternoon Matt left work a little early and rode up the hill at 4:15 pm. It was really windy after 2 miles. It was the windiest he has ever experienced on a bike! Hard work and slow going but he enjoyed it! Rode all the way to the maintenance building. Very light traffic with only 2 bikes coming down and about 6 cars. Matt owned the road.

Photo courtesy of Matt

A perfect day followed by a perfect sunset.

Sunday Hike Lower Mystic Canyon Trail

Sunday January 11, 2009

Photos are here of the lower Mystic Canyon Trail.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Santa Ana Winds

Saturday was a picture perfect day. Clear skies and warm temperatures. The need to be on mountain overwhelming any other thought processes.

Rick and Greg S. die hard cyclists were on their way to Baldy Village. A reasonable goal with the warmer temperatures even at higher elevations. They were dressed in shorts and short sleeves and sped up fast. Mountain men attacking the new year while the rest of us were dressed a bit warmer in long pants and long sleeves and base layers.

As the public works rock run truck passed us by, it lifted its front scooper from scraping the pavement. A momentary lull of the harsh noise. The bulldozer-like front bucket was lowered back down to graze the road moving the rocks off to the side once it passed us. Eventually we caught up with it as the worker was packing down a new berm along the edge of road and mountain cliff. The dark brown moist earth smelled of heat and fuel. The final touch ups of the aftermath of the vehicle fire.

Glendora Mountain Road was moderately busy with cyclists, motorcycles and cars. The oddity of it all was the talk of Jesse a cyclist I had met twice before, just happened along within seconds of saying his name. His wife packed group goodies in the truck and leap frogged the group.

It was odd though when we sighted Greg S. headed down the mountain. That was too short of a time to make to Baldy Village and back. Rick stopped and explained that the winds were too strong after Newman's point. Making it to the top of Monroe truck trail was problematic. It had to be rough going if Rick and Greg were abandoning their plans. As soon as we rounded the bend at Newman's point the winds kicked in. My bike wobbled with the gusts. The wind buffeted me around as I captured the sights and sounds.

Met up with Ron on the way down. He finished 14th out of 150 riders on a tandem bike in the Death Valley Century in November 2008.

Also met up with the brightest new star on the road Oscar. A young man waiting for his driver's license who could pedal up GMR at 14 mph without breaking a sweat. Ron noticed a crack in Oscar's frame so its time to get check out the manufacturer's warranty. Then Ron noticed a thorn in Matt's tire. One pull released the thorn with a hissing gush of air as well. That's when I prayed that Ron would not look at my bike and find something wrong.

Secret Training photo

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Luge - A Tribute to GMR

Tuesday January 6, 2009

Skateboarders float down the mountain with astonishing speeds that I admire and fear. This YouTube Video is amazingly awesome and shows the curves and hills I have come to know. A Tribute to GMR

Monday, January 5, 2009


Monday January 5, 2008

The sweet whispers of Glendora Mountain Road
called to those with a short commute.

Luring adventurers from ergonomic caster chairs
to the open arms of wilderness.

Chaparral forests a perfect cleansing
from the pressures of civilized worlds.

The ridge line of sunsets to free souls
into a perfect moment of bliss.

Sunset from the Monroe - Mystic Y Janaury 5, 2009

Sunset December 26, 2008

Photos courtesy of Matt.

Author's note: I was on the 55 Freeway in Santa Ana when this moment was captured.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Postcard Day

Sunday January 4, 2009

The temperature was warm and the sky was clear with a few clouds. It was a postcard day for a ride. Many other folks thought the same. Plenty of motor vehicle traffic including cars and motorcycles. Everyone wanted one last ride before work begins for the New Year.

On the way down

The cumulus clouds were fascinating.

Another record setting time for SDSR of 34:30, average watts 141 and average speed of 6.6 mph. Having a riding partner to tell stories takes the mind off the legs.


Friday January 2, 2009

The clouds touched the ground creating a thick blanket of fog which seemed impassable during the morning. Wetness clung to my forward progress cloaking the world except for five feet around me, I had to cancel the planned bike ride. The dense moisture settled in for the day and the afternoon the sun had no chance to completely break through, although it did lift some of the fog. My sister Michelle and I hiked the Colby Ranger route up and then took the Colby Dalton Trail down making a loop within the confines of Glendora Mountain Road.

Michelle near the top of the trip. The valley in the background was cloaked in white.


Visibility across GMR.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day Hike

Thursday January 1, 2009.

The stream in Little Dalton Canyon gurgled with the sound of water as the Magor Mold Company held its second annual New Year's Day hike. We started on the lower Monroe Truck Trail and hiked up to the "Y" and then proceeded downward on the Mystic Canyon Trail. Attendees included: Dan, Matt, Pam, Tyler, Manny, Hans and Martin.

A cave slightly off the trail caught the interest of the group. The resident seemed human with sleeping bag and other accessories lining the cave. Photos by Manny and Hans.

Interior decorating.

Tyler was patient for my lens.

Hans hikes the mountains regularly. Photo by Manny

The complete slideshow of Hans and Manny's pictures.

Mini Peloton

Wednesday December 31, 2008.

Today's ride picked up steam as Joan, Cathy and Matt joined Steve and myself above Colby trail on GMR. The miles seem to melt quickly as we chatted about college, jobs and Siberian forest burns. We stopped at mile marker 9.06. A hunter passing by was kind enough to stop and take our picture. Joan and Cathy headed downhill as the rest of us enjoyed a quiet day on the road to the maintenance shed.

Pictured: Joan, Cathy, Matt, Steve, myself.

Joan and Cathy watching