Monday, January 27, 2014

Matt's view

I rode tonite. Here is the sunset from just below Newman's. I smelled the fire more today than on weekend

Saturday, January 25, 2014

GMR Now Open

The gate was checked around 8 am. At that time it was still closed. At 9:15 am the Gate was open. At noon the electronic sign was gone. Based on two factors: Gate Open, Sign Gone. Glendora Mountain Road is open. The road is still closed and the US Forest Service is stern with its request to keep off the road.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

GMR Opens Saturday .. maybe

Police at the gate said GMR would be open by saturday

From jan 3rd looking down from the motorway. This is a preburn photo.

Monday, January 20, 2014

GMR Closure Continues

GMR Closed. Hiking trails closed. Forest closed. Monday 1/20. uS forest crews continue on fire abatement.
Evening update: Full containment expected on Wednesday 1/22/2014
See: Firefighters Continue Mop Up Stats: On the fifth day of the firefight, the Colby Fire was estimated at 1,952 acres and 84 percent contained,

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Saturday, January 18, 2014

GMR closed to all traffic

Gmr is blocked to vehicluar ALL traffic
I have seen hot spots flare up today and the fire crews are working quickly to put them out.


Mark's photo shows the the only concentration of smoke that was rising from the fire, as of 9am today. For reference, this picture was taken 9 miles north of Duarte at 4,500'.

Matt's photo:

Garcia trail yesterday. The cross survived. Photo by Matt.

Bill's photo (click to get the full view)

Hillside - Photo by Bill.

Thursday, January 16, 2014


4:30 PM Conference at Goddard Middle School

5 buildings damaged. They staffed "large" with 500 fire fighters and 250 additional support personnel. Weather cooperated today. Perimeter control resources to make 30% containment.

Air support began before sunup. They will continue to use helicopters with night vision goggles tonight. Response on the Singer mansion was covered immediately this morning. Units that arrived had water as there are no hydrants in the area. Fire fighters saved the main mansion.

Evacuation lifted at 6 pm. Reminder to call 800-427-2200 if you smell gas leak.

3 injuries. 5 buildings destroyed. 17 buildings damaged.

2:55 pm
From Mark G.
I was on my way up to GMR for a ride at 6:30am when I took the first of these pictures.

2:40 pm
Where is this exotic place called Glendora? In case you need help locating Glendora, here it is graphic from the LA Observed. 1:40 pm
The KTLA website now has the booking photos of the three blaze suspects. There are many mixed emotions I have in regards to these individuals.

The ridgeline is visible once more. The devastation is huge.

12:40 pm
Looks like the fire got to Garcia Trail. They are showing the foothills by Azusa. Lisa E. lives up in the San Gabriel Canyon Area of Azusa. I hope you are safe. 12:30 pm
The last time the hills above Glendora burned was 1968.
11:40 am
The three individuals charged with starting the fire are:
Clifford Eugene Henry age 22 - Glendora
Jonathan Carl Jarrel age 23 - Irwindale
Steven Robert Aguirre age 21 - Homeless

By the way there are no designated campsites on Colby trails.
11:30 am From Fixie John
I was about 2mi above the gate at 5:30 am when I saw flames about 1000' infront of me. I turned around & rode down with the fire chasing me. When I got to the gate the 1st fire truck was unlocking the gate. Police questioned me, Scary morning! Fixie John
Picture at Instagram @gmrclimber
11:20 am
Three men who were camping out in the Angeles Forest, Colby area are being held in lieu of a $20,000 bail for starting a campfire this morning. The breeze kicked up and embers went flying.
10:55 am
Based on the live video from the news channels Glendora Mountain Road has not been affected at this time.
9:30 am
Azusa -- Martin's house this morning ....

7:55 am update Power surge at my house. Videos uploaded. 7:15 am update Glendora residents above Palm Drive are getting nervous. Fire trucks are staging around Live Oak and Palm. The fire is very close to residences.

6:30 am
Date: 01/16/2014 05:55
Inc# ANF-231
Name: Colby
Type: Wildfire
Location: glendora mtn rd/ colby mtrway
S.O.# 9 RD#2 P Resources: BC-22 CRW-70 CRW-76 DOZ-1 DV-2 DVD-408 ENG-16 ENG-21 ENG-23 ENG-24 ENG-25 ENG-27 ENG-520 PAT-21 PAT-25 WT-10 WT-25 . . .
Latitude/Longitude: 34,9.546 x 117,50.592

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

GMR closed until 1/17/2014. GMR is closed due to h...

Updated: GMR closed until 1/17/2014. GMR is closed due to high wind conditions. Bill and Ron both reported the gate closed.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Weekend Rides

Its been fantastic weather over the past two weeks. I have maximized my ride times and soaked up some sun.

Saturday. Bill at the shed.

Saturday. John C. met us at the shed.

Sunday. Spoke with Mark at the Ranger Station. Mark - I didn't get your photos. I am always interested in the rides and tales of the road.

I have been fortunate this holiday break with weather and health. I look forward to more miles and time on the road in the upcoming year and seeing more of my friends.

Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 - The Hills Are Alive

Walked the Glendora Motorway Ridge Trail with Michelle. The mountains sang to us. Click to get the full affect.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Thank you. My camera was found after it bounced ou...

Thank you. My camera was found after it bounced out of bag on gmr. 9763 pictures were taken with the camera before its untimely demise including the photos from today. Thank you to my new found friends who helped look for my camera on the road. A motorcyclist, a hiker and two cyclists. Someone very kindly rescued my camera from the road and placed on top of a green box between Boulder Springs and the Ranger Station. Michelle spotted it and happiness ensued.