Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fire! Road closed

Fire broke out along Glendora Mountain Road ignited by an over the side vehicle.

Fire viewed from second saddle at 11:12 am

Matt had an upfront and personal view of the fire.

Matt escorted by emergency personnel had a unique view of the scene.

Hearing from Matt that the road was closed, John and I ventured down to East Fork to meet up Bill. GMR closed at the fork at 11:36 am

Glendora Police were keeping vehicles off the road at Sierra Madre 12:38 pm.

All traffic was rerouted.

Baldy Ride

The day started off quiet. At 1 o'clock sleep an elusive dream thrashed between blankets, pillows and bed remained unfulfilled. Glendora Mountain Road was also relatively quiet for a Saturday morning on the last day of July.

Bill ventured up to the shed then down "North" GMR or Little GMR to East Fork and Highway 39. His first loop! Well done.

Ron and Matt needed to catch up on the past week activities

Baldy in its July splendor.

On the way to the village a rescue helicopter hovered overhead. Then a US Forest Service green truck, a long red fire engine, a paramedic truck and ambulance sped to an accident scene along Glendora Ridge Road. It felt like a four alarm alert as they rushed by. If the helicopter landed then the traffic would be detained for half an hour. Good to be on the Village side of the problems.

The store by the Lodge was open this week! I asked what happened last week. No electricity. Ouch. No cash registers, no refrigeration and the ice cream melted. I could have helped on that issue. It was hot! I bought a chilled bottle of Powerade. Wowsers the sugar! Refreshing fruit punch coolness in the gut.

The alpine beauty of the trees and heavily covered forest needed to be savored. Why rush through the most pleasant part of the trip. Pictures forsaken. The miles and hills slipped by, the warmth of the day beating down. The Powerade squirted into my mouth, red, sugary and cool.

Waited at fork plus one as the sirens screamed up "North" GMR and cruised down South GMR. Climbed up the fork to the top of Monroe another green US Forest Service truck rushed by. A pair of cyclists reported the US Forest Ranger informed them the road was closed. Fire! Met John and we rode to second saddle and took the photo of the valley. Called Matt on the cell to find out if he had made it through. Nope. He was detained by emergency personnel around 11.39. Road was closed!

We informed other drivers and cyclists that the road was closed. A pair of cyclists one in a branded jersey and the other blue jersey continued to venture down the road. Called Bill and requested ground support in the "Mountain Rescue Vehicle" to meet us along Highway 39.

Found the CHP had closed GMR at the fork who deflected all traffic to North GMR or Glendora Ridge Road. Moi, no legs left to go back to Baldy. It was Little/North GMR for John and I.

A motorcyclist had issues starting his vehicle so a pal of his pushed the motorcycle and the driver up the hill along GRR. The CHP stated,

"Guys, it would be easier to push it downhill."

"But THEY are writing tickets down there!"

The pals ended up pushing it down hill and jump started the bike. They looped back and took the long drive home.

As the bikes were secured in the rack in the back, John saw the pair of cyclists who had not heeded the road closed warning. They look hot tired and pounded their pedals. I sipped water in the air-conditioned ride down the mountain. Spotted the water drop helicopters scooping up water from the reservoir for the fire. Bill drove John to Sierra Madre and Glendora Mountain Road only to be rerouted to other streets.

It was a day choc full of adventures.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday Ride

Took the day off. Didn't expect to meet many folks along the way. Quite surprised that I did!

From 2010-07-29 GMR Ride

From 2010-07-29 GMR Ride

Met up with Mr. Beanz and Hillbasher!

From 2010-07-29 GMR Ride

From 2010-07-29 GMR Ride

Willie's son Ian:

From 2010-07-29 GMR Ride

Wednesday Night Ride

It's been a challenging week at work. Lots of turnover. Didn't ride Monday night. Got home late on Wednesday. Astounded by the fabulous looking weather I headed out later than normal. Got to Glendora Mountain Road and Sierra Madre at 6:02 pm.

It was "cooler" in the 82-85F range. More shade from the canyon hills. Not many folks on the road. Two newbie drivers. One dark green mini van with a terrible clank in his hub cab or wheel tailed me for a quarter of a mile. I slowed and let it pass. Another set of newbie motorists were consulting their Thomas Brothers Road maps at the first saddle trying to find Big Dalton Canyon Wilderness Park. They were there for a photo shoot. I instructed them to go back down the hill and make the first left turn. Other than that not much happening.

Needed to blow off steam and forget about the tornadoes that swirl at the office. Biking fills that need.

The clouds were distinctive Wednesday night. There is beauty in the world.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Baldy Ride

Ryan, Beth, Gay and Patrick trained for their bike adventure in Wyoming with a Monrovia to Baldy trip. Beth caught up with me early in the GMR climb. Good to have company on a warm day, it helps to take the mind off the body. Willie, Rick and Kelly said hello as they passed us. Great to see you too!

In Mt Baldy Village met Xavier from Pasadena, a Frenchman on an American built Cannondale bike. We share a common stomping ground with Caltech Geological and Planetary Sciences. I recalled legendary professors names such as Jerry Wasserburg and the Lunatic Asylum, Ed Stopler, George Rossman, Joseph Kirschvink, and Leon Silver. Xavier presented a thirty second overview to his research on atmospheres. The reward for Saturday rides was being above the layer of atmosphere I call smog.

Carlos and Jason celebrated their arrival to the Village. It was Carlos' first trip and they celebrated with shade, water and sitting on something not moving. Congrats Carlos. Carlos and Jason have a flat tire story to tell.

Run to the Top T-shirts will be on sale again on August 14th at the Post office. The price is either $5 for last year's shirt or 2 for $5 for vintage shirts.

It was a solo ride back along the ridge in the heat. Made good time after hanging in the Village for nearly an hour.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Saturday Ride

Trying to beat the heat I started early at 7 am and so did everyone else. The leather motorcycle jackets looked extremely hot. It was already 70F. The humidity was high and the body went on strike. The legs said No Speed. The brain said No Frying. And the lungs just laughed. It was a day of easy pedaling, dodging speeding vehicles and blissful moments in the shade.

Met a couple of guys from Irvine Kevin and Greg (shown above) as we dove tailed our way up to the shed. Today they picked a hot one. A perfect day to hear Kevin's stories about winter in Ithica New York, shoveling snow to dig out the car and frozen water on the streets. Ice both virtual and real had a cooling effect on the body.

Kevin and Greg traverse to Glendora Mountain Road about once a month. They check this website in the winter to determine road and weather conditions. I have plans on improving this topic!

Right now the weather is hot and humid. The brush on the hillsides are a one-two punch of fire and tire danger rolled into one. The title of this phot is flat tires in the making.

Rode gently to Fork plus Four. Watched twenty or more Corvettes cruise down the road on a rally. On the way down stopped at Newmans to check the water level in the reservoirs. The lower reservoir has lowered significantly.

Stay cool. Got my bike cleaned on Sunday. Finally its been too long.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

GMR to Baldy Ride - August 7, 2010

Who: Cyclists
What: Ride GMR to Baldy
Where: Sierra Madre and Glendora Mountain Road
When: August 7, 2010
Two Groups: Early start 7:00 am
Later start: ??

I need a head count: Contact GMR

Getting a ride organized for a Vegas Triathlete

Friday, July 16, 2010

Catching up with Ron

Outback with Ron, Ray and Edge.

Spider man!


its 4:45 am on Friday morning. The temperature is already 72F. I will ride early on Saturday morning. Starting sometime between 6:30 and 7:00 am.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Baldy Ride

Baldy Ride with the OC Rebels. Pictures today. Story tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bears, oh my!

Ray and Matt have each had their close encounters with bears this week.

Ray's encounter happened along Glendora Ridge Road on Monday. The bear moved from the closed road to the mountain side. It growled as Ray took this photo and Ray growled back.

Matt saw this family of bears in Big Dalton Canyon Tuesday afternoon.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4, 2010

SCVelo enjoyed a closed road with a peloton ride to Baldy.



One of these guys had an adventure far from home. I saw a pup at mile marker 8 trotting downhill. Bill spotted it at mile marker 9. Finally made it back to safety and comfort of family and den. Quite a workout for those little legs.

It was a good July 4th ride.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Baldy Ride

Josiah, Melissa and James a trio of siblings enjoyed their second trip on a closed Glendora Mountain Road today. Their commute from Irvine was well worth the solitude of motor free pavement today. The family fever of cycling caught on fast and I got a kick out of meeting readership! They headed out for another four miles along Glendora Ridge Road.

But I get ahead of myself, the early morning cloud cover surprised us with clouds that swam deep up the San Gabriel Canyon. Once above the clouds, the sun was bright and the white layer blanketed the valley obscuring the river bed below. Bill's view from mile marker 7 caught the moment of the day. To see the larger version, click on photo.

The confluence of time, speed and distance, momentarily overlapped the usual suspects at the shed, Matt, John and Bill. With different tempos and destinations we ended up going our separate ways. Bill in conservation mode for the SC Velo Ride on July 4th stayed at the shed, Matt turned around after two more miles for work issues, while John and I rode on to Baldy.

On the way back from the Village, the mountain range seemed serene and inviting.

It was hard to pass up a single minute of closed road. A good time to stop and view the mountains, smell the blue air, feel the warmth of sun on the skin, the light touch of a cool breeze and the quietness of the road.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Road Closed

Glendora Mountain Road status is closed. Will be reopened Wednesday July 7, 2010 approximately 9:00 am.

Checked on the gate this morning around 8 am. The DPW crew were shooing out cars. They said it was closed until Wednesday morning to about 9 am. I have received mixed reports about cyclists being shoo-ed out. Your mileage may vary.

Gem was one of two cyclists who were reminded that the road was closed.

Gem reported seeing a doe and fawn running on the road. The natives also know when the road is closed!

Steve a regular on the road enjoys week day rides.

A Glendora City worker waited by the gate. I explained that the Forest Service requested the county to close the road for the Fourth of July. He talked about a sow and her two bear cubs roaming Big Dalton.