Monday, June 30, 2014

Mind the Center Line

If you are driving a vehicle, riding a bike, or bombing down the road on a long board, always be aware of the space you occupy. Bike rider killed in close pass on Mt. Baldy Road last Saturday

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Friday Hike and Saturday Ride

Photos are from a hike on the Glendora Ridge Trail and a bike ride on Glendora Mountain Road and Glendora Ridge Road mile marker 4.0. Talked with lots of folks today. Dale and Ella, Ruby, Jeff, Mark, John of APU, John C., Matt, Bill. Mobile users may not be able to view the photo album. Here is the link to the pictures:
June 28, 2014

Thursday, June 26, 2014

To beat the heat I am riding an early morning ride...

To beat the heat I am riding an early morning ride.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Pent up demand

People flocked to Glendora Mountain Road on its first weekend of being open. Thirty to forty Longboard riders floated down the mountain ecstatic with vehicle support to avoid a lengthy walk. The Opprime bicycle club's Never Forget GMR 2014 ride attracted thirty to forty riders from Riverside. Everyone enjoyed the open road.

Matt, Bill and Ron at the shed.

Update! Ron sent me some shots from his streaming camera mounted on the front of his bike.

 Matt, Ken and friend

 Matt on the road
 Bill and myself

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Glendora Mountain Road Open

Gate was open today at 8:25 am. Remember to drive and ride responsibly.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Dalton Debris Basin Truck Traffic

7 trucks already lined up to haul dirt from the dalton basin to irwindale.

Busy day on the road. The trucks lined up to haul the dirt away. The San Andreas Film site reverted back to normal. LA County Road Closures estimated 6/19 for the Road to be open. While the electronic sign at the gate continued to post 6/17. The best guess is June 18 for Road Open.

Everyone will be excited to get back on the road. It's been a few weeks so take the first lap slow to re-familiarize your equipment to the curves, the bends and the rocks on the road.

Hey, Doug. Bill wanted me to let you know he too has a Salsa Vaya Bike.

Road with Joan to Newman's tonight. Joan set a strong pace and after reviewing my data it is the best time to the first saddle in months. 53:06 minutes. I am appreciating my health even though the legs felt like Gumby legs. The two miles to Newman's were long mentally. Happy Exhaustion arriving in the flat of Newman's. Fairly windy on the way down.

Time to relax, sleep and recover for the next ride.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Dalton Debris Basin Removal

Expect heavy truck traffic on lower Glendora Mountain Road to remove dirt from the Dalton Sediment Placement Site. Starting June 11, 2014 for five to seven weeks up to 75 trucks per hour will be trucking dirt from the basin to Irwindale. Hours of operation are 7:30 am to 4:30 pm. Details are found on the Patch.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Hike on GMR

Glendora Mountain Road is closed until June 17, 2014.

I hiked along the road today. Two miles up to the wall at mile marker 11.39. Each time I am on the road, it seems like you have seen it all, when something new comes along changes your view of the world. On the way up a truck with a long flat bed trailer towed two grey SUVs up the hill. One SUV had an extra roll cage on top of the roof with a seat and a driver's wheel. Equipment for the movie shoot for San Andreas. Cool.

I met Doug S. on my way down, and realized he was in Baldy Village on Saturday. His wife Donna had chatted with me about riding with a group. Doug has spurred me to write more posts this summer. Will do and I hope to see you on the mountain real soon.

A fast pace for my four mile walk. A vociferous squirrel in the tree. Not much to report. The guard at the gate has not seen the Rock (Duane Johnson).  I said, when they clean up the port-a-potties you know he is coming.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

GMR Road Closed Updates

Guard at the gate chatted about the upcoming film schedule. Filming will commence on Wednesday, Thursday and next Sunday! Road will not be accessible those days. So get your rides and walks in on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. The filming is going slower than scheduled. Duane Johnson (aka "The Rock") may be here on Thursday.


Inspiration comes from many sources. The inner drive to keep your legs pedaling up a mountain to make it to Baldy is a bit of a mystery. Why Baldy? Why the Village? Is it a test of good health or does it create good health? Or is it a bit of both. It is a yearly goal to start anew. Is it the efforts of folks like My Mountain is Waiting, or Hillbasher to set a goal. It is the strength of friends who ride there regularly, like Ken and Mark.  It is the strategy of John C. to save energy for the return trip and go slow the first leg. It is the incremental building of putting miles in the bank and the opportunity, the time, the good legs that converge. Baldy? Why Baldy? Food. Drink. Watering hole. Visitor Center. Power Ade. Distance. The destination is a feather in your cap. It is the appreciation of good health that I can do it. Set the goal. Work towards the goal and then feel the rush of coasting into the Village. Made it.

The filming of San Andreas (2015) has made access to the road hit or miss this week. Saturday, it was good to have access to the road and a necessary part of ride. The street was lined with participants of the Lightning Velo GMR Time Trial as they warmed up along the road. Stationary trainers slotted between autos. Lots of activity. People walking everywhere.  160+ riders.  large success. The first racers passed me at Windy Tunnel. Onlookers cheering with cowbells, an added bonus to the day. Broom Guy clearing the rocks and debris from the road. You are Mr. Popular. Photographers in the middle of the road 1K to the top.

But I get ahead of myself. Caught up with Francis of Adobo Velo before Windy Tunnel. I asked him about his Furnace 508 jacket.  Learned he rode the Furnace 508 - five years - solo - 2006, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012. Wow. Francis was on his second lap to the shed. Wow. Also had a brief stint with Amy and Mandy of Adobo Velo as well.

The hubbub of the race was immediately over at the top of Monroe. The gate was locked at the fork. Hopped the gate and the tranquility and solitude of the first three miles of Glendora Ridge Road made me re-think about my goal of the Village. Three miles. Nary a sole. Nope. Keep going. My pace.

A group of riders from LaVerne-Claremont passed me at the point of no return (mile marker 4). I finally caught up with one of the riders, Mara, however she was fading. Must keep going I thought. I spied Mark flash by on his return trip from the Village at mile marker 5.18. I waved. Head down. Keep pedaling. It was a surprise when I heard him say "you're hard to catch. you're going pretty fast". Gold star for you Mark. Thanks for the compliment. His company was most appreciated for the most challenging part of the ride, "The Reward Climb". The sun beats down on you at mile marker 6.2 plus the thinner air at the altitude is always a hurdle. Mark detected my increased breathing. The power meter showed the uptick in my heart rate. He suggested a rest in a small patch of shade around mile marker 7. That was perfect. We rode to the "top" at mile marker 8.3. He gave me the tip about the wind for the return trip. I sailed into the rolling Alpine section and glided into Baldy.

I spied the L.V-C. Group at the post office. I had been thinking of the ice cold red Power-ade from the vending machine by the Lodge. I kept moving. It was amazing to stop, eat. guzzle. water. start with a sip of power-ade. Interesting chat with a group of Harley Riders who like to ride 300 miles for their outings. I needed a photo at the post office. Chatted with Donna of the LaVerne Group. She was amazed I rode alone. I thought well not really. Friends along the way. New friends.

The ride back was slower going. Stop for photos. I checked out the berms and edging of the road. Think of the climb you are doing now, not the climb three hills from now. The chilled power-ade was good. A few riders trickled by in both directions. Hop the gate back up the fork. Saw Mandy still doing repeats. Wow Mandy.

Done. First trip to Baldy, done. Recalibrate the size of the wheel for the cycling computer, done. It's 46 miles to Baldy not 50! Set a goal. did it. now do it some more.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thursday Evening Update on GMR Access

Guard at the gate this evening said that cyclists will be allowed access on Glendora Mountain Road until Wednesday of next week. Yes, the NewLine Production Location Manager Michael stated as much as well as Ivan from the Permit Office. But hey, its the guard at the gate is all that matters. Yipee. A long ride for me is expected for Saturday. The Lightning Velo race will proceed.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Reports on GMR Closure

The guard and highway patrol officer were turning away all traffic at the gate tonight. Statements are that Glendora Mountain Road may be closed until 6/13/2014.

The Lightning Velo Glendora Mountain Road Time Trial on 6/7/2014 will be allowed access to the road. Organizer Judy said a guard will open the gate at 5:30 am and will close it at 1:00 pm. The highway patrol officer said it would be safer this year due to no motor traffic.

Your mileage may vary. Be prepared with alternate routes/rides.

Sunday, June 1, 2014


Connections. Friday I connected with the mastermind and ultimate trail tracker of Parliament 0f 0wls. Robert had the low down on mountain lion and bear movements in several canyons. We chatted in the shade and watched four forest service/dwp trucks roll by. Mike Oxford of the San Dimas Experimental Forest drove passed. Robert flagged Mike down and we discussed scientific affiliations and hypotheses in order to be granted access to the forest. Matt joined the three of us and the beam on Mike's face when Matt said remember me - was bigger than the canyon. More talk that walk on Friday. It was hot. The small world of people connecting people helped.

Saturday. Started out early on the ride around 7:15. The gate was manned with guard for the Film crew. The road crew made adjustments to the dirt around mile marker 8.44. Rode with Matt and a new acquaintance from Long Beach, Dr. Karen. She had a good tempo and the right cadence. She talked about the Tour de Cure and Palos Verdes helped pass the miles away. Karen did repeats. Matt and I rode on to Glendora Ridge Road mile marker 6.2 - round trip miles 39. The sun heated up GRR and it was good to get back to the top of Monroe. Met up with Wolfgang, Scott S., Mark within 10 minutes. Odd how the road is empty until there was convergance.

Sunday.  Hiked along GMR. Met Joan and Cathy (Glendora-Napa) and had a good long talk about the joy of mountain roads.

Photos: Wolfgang, Matt, Scott, Mark, Baldy from mile marker 6.2 on Glendora Ridge Road.