Sunday, October 27, 2013

Baldy 4

Matt wanted to go far. I thought he meant Glendora Ridge Road +4, or +6. John upped the ante and said Cow Canyon Saddle. The weather was perfect, with the day that dawned clear and the haze of the valley below us. Temperatures in the 70s-80s, it couldn't get any better. What the heck, it's Baldy. Fortunately John told tales, Matt listened and I huffed and I puffed to get up the Reward Climb (aka the wall). The great thing about friends chatting is that you concentrate on their words and put the body into auto pilot. Tales of Tom and his broom sweeping Glendora Mountain Road. Rides to Crystal Lake, and Mountain Biking up Mount Wilson.
Goal for this week: I must put in more time on the indoor trainer.
Today's ride was harder than the first time to Baldy this year. I need more training in the upper altitudes. Got there. Got back. Long day. Good ride.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bill's Big Day

Definitely click on the photo to get a full image of the view Bill had this morning. The hill on the right is "the Glendora Mountain." Then further behind in the distance is the road leading up to the shed. Both Bill and John C. enjoyed the day for a ride.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Culvert on Glendora Mountain Road

Bill has the scoop from a foreman on site: Roughly two more weeks to go

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Saturday 10/12

Andy noticed the large bird sitting in the tree at Glendora Ridge Road mile marker 0.29. Bill was the bird whisperer who got up close about 30 feet away and took the photo. Furloughed US Forest Rangers said they were bald eagles. Another rider went by and asked what was up. An Eagle! He said that was worth stopping for. After my photo of Mt. Baldy, Andy spied a red tailed hawk attacking a second eagle. What a spectacular sight. Definitely worth the trip.
Lin at the shed.
Andy's Liqui Gas Canondale at the shed. Green is his theme.
The view of baldy between eagle sightings. Glendora Ridge Road mile marker ~1.
Andy at Glendora Ridge Road at mile marker 6.2.
It was a ride full of friends, as John C. waited for us at Palm Drive. Rick and Greg pedalled by and I kept pace with Rick for about 2.5 miles before dropping off. Greg had his new Trek Madone 660 bicycle. An ultra light 15 pound "pure air" machine.
Bill, John and I rode to the shed from the first saddle. Hung out at the shed when Andy and Lin arrived. The five of us rode to fork plus six with a stop at fork plus four chatting with the furloughed US Forest Rangers.
Spent five hours out on the road, with plenty of chatting at the shed. It was a 38.5 mile ride.

Thursday, October 3, 2013


9Road is closed.

Glendora Mountain Road Closed due to high winds. 1...

Glendora Mountain Road Closed due to high winds. 10/3/2013 to 10/7/2013.