Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Road Closed

Glendora Mountain Road was closed this afternoon. A collision between automobile and horse near the intersection of GMR and Big Dalton left the road impassable for three hours. Car was totaled. Horse did not survive. TV helicopter hovered overhead.

Here is the story on Glendora Patch

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Stretching for Cyclists

Stretching is on my mind (more like the knee).

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good Friday 4/22/2011

The weather was completely different from last Saturday's near perfect summer like conditions. The marine layer 3000 feet thick lasted from morning to night. It dampened the spirits and chilled the soul on the descents. Clouds that hugged the mountain, rolled up and over the edges indicating active wind movement and moisture. Big plans to ride to Baldy evaporated into a thick ether. The clouds parted for the moment enough to get some ok photos.

For a Friday ride I saw different set of folks out on the road. A few more pedestrians with dogs. A few more cyclists than a regular Friday and the surprise of friends who had a holiday. The most notable auto traffic was the bee truck hauling the fork lift down the mountain. It smelt nasty like tar or brake oil. Didn't see the bee hives. But did hear the bees.

Matt caught up with me at the shed. We chatted about Ray Clone spotting a bobcat at the top of Monroe, Hillbasher spending a night on the mountain, Jason hanging with the Buds Ride around Bonelli. Spoke to Willis Osborne a former Glendora School teacher and Southern California Biologist at the second saddle. He had tales of a mountain named after a waitress Nellie Hawkins, adventure seekers rock climbing Half Dome with no ropes or other assists and the delicious breakfast at Flappy Jack's a local early morning eatery on Route 66.

Stopped at Newman's and at first saddles to warm up and for photos. Spoke to John near coyote corner. He recommended stretching the ham strings and glutes to help eliminate back pain. When I got around to stretching yesterday, I had to admit that it also helped the knee pain as well. Great tip.

Now to do a second day in a row.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Secret Training

The clouds were high enough, the road dry enough and the air warm enough I "went" for it. Not many folks on the road at all. None of the regulars. Didn't see much. Mostly clouds obfuscating the hillside.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

SDSR Photo Page

Bill worked his magic on my San Dimas Stage Race photos.

The morning folks had the hardest slug through rain. In the afternoon the sun came out and some back drops were amazing.

Some of my favorites are Eddy Gragus. A former US Postal Rider his face shows a winner.

Nicole Evans gets the best of show photo for background and foreground beauty.

Randall Boussard has a sweeping background of Bonelli in the background.

Anibal Borrajo look at his hand placement. He took a podium position.

Perfect Day for a Ride

Saturday dawned bright, clear and warm. The temperature headed for the low 90s. Exhilarated with the knowledge of perfect weather, the freedom of leaving winter base layers, no woolie socks and removing the toe coverings lifted the spirits to even higher altitudes. Dramatic difference from last Saturday, shivering waiting for the sun to warm up the morning to 45F around 9am. Today it was already 58F by 7am. Yahooie as Ray Clone might say.

Matt caught up with me early on the road before the windy tunnel stretch before mile marker 10.79. We talked about the Glendora Earth Day Ride next weekend. The release of water in Big Dalton Canyon which covered the road and left silt and debris, and where to view Stage 7 of the Tour of California.

Eric with his spanking new Specialized S-Works Tarmac with zerts caught Matt and I along Glendora Ridge Road less than a mile into it. Training for the L'Etape du Tour on May 7th, he has ridden the Montrose Ride, with the Buds around Bonelli, Esperanza Avenue in La Verne and the Shinn Road in Claremont. With all his training, his calves rivaled Lance Armstrong's. He discussed cassette gearing in prep for the Ski Lifts. With 25 in the back, he may need a 27 or even a mountain bike cassette with 34 like Mandy of AdoboVelo. Great talk kept the mind off the hills and the pedals spinning faster. At one point we stopped for deer on the road. We approached cautiously. One deer became four. How neat!

Matt and I reached The Point of No Return or GRR mile marker 4.0 in no time. We decided to descend, suddenly mile marker four turned into mile marker six. Just as I turned around, I asked a rider if he had beer in his water bottle. He chuckled no, but there's a great deli on San Dimas and Bonita with a 32 ounce schooner.

As I took out my camera for a picture, I discovered that the memory card was tucked safely back in the computer. So Doh! no pictures from that day.

Talked up a few folks at the shed. John's son Anthony rode for the juniors of SC Velo in the San Dimas Stage Race. Chatted up another racer, Chris of Ritte. Contact Bill for your photos.

Met John C. around mile marker 7. Busy with life and school it was good to touch base. All in all a very good ride indeed.

Catching up with Ron

Thursday April 14, 2011. Ron's ride from Glendora took him up Highway 39 a couple of miles. Water levels were high.

Ron's view of the East Fork Bridge.

Ron's view of the North Fork Bridge

Ron, you don't have to convince me. I will be planning my Crystal Lake Ride soon. Oh that looks so smooth.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday Relief

Some days you need the mountain to pound out the work life, hammering out the crowded jumbled thoughts that swirl like dust storms in your head. You sweat out the missteps and gasp huffing out the misgivings of the unknown futures. You grind through the gears to leave bad thoughts laying limply along the side of the road. Then pump round and round like a marionette on a string until the stress drips out your pores and falls off the body.

It is the stress of biking, the uphill battle of the slope, the chirpy cute wilderness, the release of sweet, sweet endorphines cascading from the brain to swirl round the chest and provide relief from pains real and imagined. Then the brief moment of awe to see the view of the reservoir brimming with sparkling water.

Sunday I noticed the bees are back from their winter hibernation.

Matt hooked up and rode with Wayne to mile marker 7. Amazing how much and how many people they have in common. It's a small world and there are only two directions on the road. Up and Down. Tonight was an up.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spine tingling ride

Saturday April 9, 2011. I waited for the temperature to warm up to 45F. It was close enough at 9 am. Time to suck it up, bundle up the extra layers, and get out the door. The thermometer on the bike must be going as it read 61F off and on through the day. No way it was that warm. Hmmm, time for a new battery?

As I rode up Glendora Mountain Road, I hung onto a group of three riders two which were ladies. Nice to have the women folk around. No chatting. Just pedalling. It was intense riding. I stopped at Newmans to take photos. I could see more of the mountain tops today compared to Friday. Baldy elusive even today had fresh overnight snow.

I was surprised to see Matt, as he prefers warmer weather. Must be the new bike. He enjoyed playing tag with other riders on the road.

Mike stopped at Newman's on his way down. He needed to warm up his fingers for the descent. He had the scoop on the Bicycle Fit at Richard fresh from a week long training will spend three hours going through your bike alignment starting with your arches. Yes, yes, yes. I am ready to go.

The news of the day was snow at the shed and the top of monroe and its April! I had felt the snow in the air, now here it was on the ground. Is it spring yet?

Hung out at shed and watched a parade of tri-wheeled motorcycles go by. This group of 20-30 folks enjoyed the day breezing along.

The descent was cold. I had four layers on. Two base layers, a kit and a jacket. A beanie for the head. Two layers of gloves. Two layers of legs. That's preparation. Next week I will be sweating in the heat.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Went for a walk sort of

I went for a walk sort of. Well, I had every intention of walking, but the clouds were promising and I hoped I could capture fabulous vistas. I wanted to go farther without straining the knee.

As long as the sun was out it was warm, but there was snow in the air and the wind blew chilly. I enjoyed the warmth of the auto. Yes enhanced performance due to mechanic doping.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday with Jason

Jason and I hooked up and rode up GMR. His legs were strong from doing "Insanity" training. Perfect temperature to begin at 71F. Jason lowered his tempo which turned out to be spot on for me tonight. I know he can lay the hammer down at anytime and pump his way up the road.

We both oogled Matt's new Canondale Super Six High Mod bike with Dure Ace components and white walled tires. Nice bike Matt. Matt rode with us until mile marker 10.2 and then headed back down. Jason and I finished up at Newman's Point, just as sun was setting. It was 6:45 pm and I wanted some sunlight on the descent. It was getting cool. Jason with no jacket, ear muffs or toe cozies kept his legs spinning for warmth.

Saw a motorcycle parked along the road with damage to its front fender. Ray was not having a good day. No cell phone reception, however a truck driver helped out and took the pieces of the bike while Ray was planning on coasting down to first saddle to try his cell phone again.

Good luck Ray. Bummer about the bike. At least you are in good shape.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Commercial Photo Shoot

One reader, Risi frequents GMR quite often and caught this commercial photo shoot in progress.

I was out on the road today and bumped into a large crew shooting a car commercial today towards the top. I wanted to send you a photo for your blog, but unfortunately this is the only shot I got. I didn't want to loiter too long because I was obviously holding them up.

Risi there is an art to pedaling slowly and shooting a camera mid stroke. Did you catch the make, model or manufacturer? This looks like the second saddle. I hope to ride again on Wednesday if the weather holds up.

Matt encountered this overturned vehicle Saturday while he was testing his new Cannondale Super-Six High Mod bike. Matt reports the driver sustained moderate injuries. This is at the first hair pin turn at the bottom of the Monroe Truck Trail.

Keep your vehicle upright and take the turns cautiously.

More SDSR photos

Bill found these folks after they sent him an email with name, bib number, and color of jersey.

Nick. Cat IV Men. 20:24.59

Matthew Cat III Men. 20:11.26

Chad Cat IV Men. 18:34.88

Joe Cat V Men. 17:37.63. Fourth Place. Congrats!

Dana Cat IV Men. 16:01.68. Fourth Place. Congrats!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Saturday Ride and Sunday Hike

After a the warmth of Wednesday sliding upwards to hot on Thursday and Friday, Saturday dawned grey with clouds. Amazing how the sun burned through the fog and brought with it spectacular vistas. The legs felt like lead. Time to get charged for the spring riding. Everyone was out prepping for the L'Etape du Tour riding up Glendora Mountain Road past Baldy Village to the Ski Lifts. The Amgen Tour of California Queen Stage 7 is May 22.

Mark and Danny touring the San Dimas Stage Race. I am hiding from the 5,000 photos. I must make time to view them all. Where did the weekend go?

Enjoy the water from the hike as it drys up quickly.

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