Sunday, November 18, 2012

Weekend Activities

Friday was a slow ride up the hill thinking that I would be riding again on Saturday. A quiet ride all the way around. It was a very pleasant surprise to meet up with Robert from Parliment of Owls He had many a tale to tell about critters and creatures and trails he ventures on. Friday, to my surprise turned out to be the driest day of the weekend.
Saturday, wet and drizzling all day long. No hikes. No bikes. I did cheer the Fit4Fall runners who had the wettest part of the entire day for their event. As the runners passed by on my spot on Bennett Avenue, I spotted the neighbor's son, Travis a fitness expert who runs 100 miles. Then I spotted a friend Mike who normally runs with his dog Savannah on GMR, Big Dalton and the trail. The kids participating beamed as I cheered them on. Being the only spectator for a mile standing in the rain they were amazed. They all seemed pleased when I stated "downhill" was just around the corner.

Sunday, I hiked along Mystic Trail, before my muscles said quit!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Azusa Fire - November 14

It was warm today and a small brush fire was doused at Morris Dam today.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tour de Foothills 2012

The Tour de Foothills had sunny day for their event. The air was crisp and cool with the wind blowing cold. Plenty of folks doing the full 100 mile ride that swung up Glendora Mountain Road. Riders were happy that they were dry. Ken quickly said hello on the way up. Chatted with Eric and friends at the top of Monroe at the King of Mountain Finish.  Photo: Friends and Eric on the right.

Bill and Matt arrived together. On the way down, I gave my Gore Wind Stopper gloves a debut. They fit well so I could still grip the brakes and helped the fingers tremendously. The double leggings were toasty and tube shell kept my neck and head warm. I missed my Gore jacket and toe cozies, but I thought the sun would have heated the air more. Boy was I wrong.

Good to ride. Sunny day. Burned lots of calories on the descent and was nicely tuckered out the rest of the day to enjoy being a couch potato with my daughter.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bills Election Day Ride

Bill cycled up Glendora Mountain Road then made a hard left onto the Glendora Motorway a dirt road along the ridge. He took this picture show casing the view of the road.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Three Days

Three days of riding and hiking then riding again. A weekend chalk full of activities starting on a grey Friday that took a long time to warm up, I found every excuse to delay my start, my water bottles needing cleaning, my medical insurance needed checking and then ventured out about 10:28 am. Once there, it was plenty of road and few travelers. Mentally the ride seemed longer, and I had to pull myself along by reaching interim goals, on my way to the shed. I turned around at fork plus one.

Saturday, I hiked Claremont Wilderness Park a five mile loop with a college buddy. Amazing how a few miles can pound on your hips. Good to get the ground muscles going again.

Sunday another round up to the shed. Hotter than expected. Was I shivering on Friday? Now here I am sweating. Not the usual ground. Got out earlier than most as more folks were headed up as I headed down.