Thursday, December 30, 2010

Floating Holiday

Monday, rode a second day, back to back up the mountain before the next rain storm hit. The legs were less than cooperative. Met John of Arcadia and Matt after the first saddle. We rode to the top of Monroe and enjoyed the scenery.

Met up with John C. on the way down then rode up to the top of Monroe once more. Good to be on a bike.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Post Christmas

Sunday I hiked and determined if the storm was rolling in and and what rate.

The cloud cover was unique. I could see the towers of LA, but not the city of Covina.

Decided to go for it and rode the bike on GMR to Monroe.

The clouds came in and visibility was an issue for a few miles.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

New signage along colby trail.

Hillside slipage. the rain has caused erosion on the hillside in more than half a dozen spots between mile markers 14 and 11.5

Friday, December 24, 2010

Break in the Rain

The rain broke. Everyone headed outdoors. I hiked first as the air temperature warmed then took the bike out for a spin. The few of us on the road were ecstatic.

The rains dumped snow on Mt. Baldy.

Met Mauri a triathlete from New York. She likened our hills to the Pyrenees and the Rockies. I told her she had ridden a stage in the upcoming Tour of California.

The San Gabriel Reservoir was full and muddy from the rain storm and water poured out the bottom.

New signage at the shed. Thanks to Art Dito for the crew working on Christmas Eve clearing the mountainside off the road.

The road was open and dry but a lot of dirt. As cars rushed past the dirt storms in their wake were thick. At one point near Newman's, I heard a motorcycle approaching from behind, closer and closer, when suddenly the motor was overhead!? It was a small private plane, the yellow one. The pilot cruised alongside of the canyon. He performed a triple roll then turned right with hills. As he moved out of sight, I noticed he flew upside down. This was another happy dude enjoying the break in the rain.

Road conditions. Road is open

Road conditions. Road is open and pavement is dry. Sandy silt covers areas of the road. Crew is working to clear hillside slipage.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The mighty dalton creek

Little Dalton between the storms

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ten days of rain in

Ten days of rain in december recorded. Storm total is 10.78 inches. GMR status was open Tuesday afternoon. Rock run was run.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ron and his buddies

Deer not bear

Snake on the road

Little guy at the corral

Saturday, December 11, 2010


After speaking with the sister in Montana, with a wintery 25F weather. The day in southern California felt incredibly gentle, warm and near perfect for an autumn day. The summer base layer was deployed as the thermometer rose steadily to 65F and hotter. The road was lightly used. Not a lot of traffic either up or down.

Marty of Riverside Bicycle Club spotted me at the corner of GMR and Sierra Madre. He had two new fresh bodies to inflict the road upon, Steve and Allison. Marty escorted Steve and Allison on the road, keeping their cheer up. Nice to hang with Marty and his crew. Steve in the yellow jersey, Marty in a Salix and RBC cap, Allison in deep colors. We bounced between Steve and Allison, while Bill and Matt cleaned up the road. I took leave and returned to Matt and Bill farther down the road, Bill stopped for a breather, Matt and I sprang into form to catch up with Steve and Marty. then Matt and I hung with Allison then sprinted to the top of Monroe.

At the top of Monroe I met the Greasers: Emily and Tom, Darrel and Ken. Ken was fit, a lean mean bicycle machine, the nicest guy you could meet on or off the road. Ken mentioned a Tuesday morning time trial ride on GMR. Wait, no. are you, no. Could you possibly be, the stuff of legends, the 100 mile a day guy who has a zillion miles logged on his Specialized S-Works bicycle. Fry Daddy?! Yes Way. Cool.

After enjoying the company. Matt and I headed down for the normal stop at Newman's to look at the reservoir and see the islands in the basin. I was in the lead when, I saw the fluffiest, furriest, brownest critter sitting on the road looking at me. Dog registered in my brain. Not a deer or a squirrel which both require me to stop. I kept on rolling. I couldn't pull my camera out fast enough. The forest dweller was smarter than me. Up it ran across the road as my bicycle slowing, but still in motion rolled towards it. Then, the shape registered. I realized that its deep black eyes, brown furry face on a bulky 130 pound plus body was a bear! Wow, 11:10 in the morning on a Saturday. Never would I guess thats when I would have first bear encounter. Saturday a busy day with alot of traffic on the road kept the wildlife at bay. The bear traversed the downsloping hillside quickly and disappered into the scrub. Cool. Fortunately for the bear, it missed the racing motorcycles and car that turned the corner < 10 minutes later. Good wild bear.

2010-12-04 Hike-Bike

Pano from a hike

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Spectacular Week

Bill took this panorama on his Thursday ride around Bonelli. He needed to stretch his legs after Thanksgiving Festivities took their toll.

Mystic Hike View of the city of Glendora on Sunday. The warm sun and clear sky picture perfect.

This view of Glendora Mountain Road shows the 15 acre burn area from July 31st when a young driver veered off the pavement into the canyon with an automobile. The car went off below the road (left on the picture). The fire jumped the road and burned more acreage above the road. The barren brown area in the middle attests to the quick work and decision making of Forest Service and Fire personnel.