Friday, December 24, 2010

Break in the Rain

The rain broke. Everyone headed outdoors. I hiked first as the air temperature warmed then took the bike out for a spin. The few of us on the road were ecstatic.

The rains dumped snow on Mt. Baldy.

Met Mauri a triathlete from New York. She likened our hills to the Pyrenees and the Rockies. I told her she had ridden a stage in the upcoming Tour of California.

The San Gabriel Reservoir was full and muddy from the rain storm and water poured out the bottom.

New signage at the shed. Thanks to Art Dito for the crew working on Christmas Eve clearing the mountainside off the road.

The road was open and dry but a lot of dirt. As cars rushed past the dirt storms in their wake were thick. At one point near Newman's, I heard a motorcycle approaching from behind, closer and closer, when suddenly the motor was overhead!? It was a small private plane, the yellow one. The pilot cruised alongside of the canyon. He performed a triple roll then turned right with hills. As he moved out of sight, I noticed he flew upside down. This was another happy dude enjoying the break in the rain.

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