Thursday, December 30, 2010

Floating Holiday

Monday, rode a second day, back to back up the mountain before the next rain storm hit. The legs were less than cooperative. Met John of Arcadia and Matt after the first saddle. We rode to the top of Monroe and enjoyed the scenery.

Met up with John C. on the way down then rode up to the top of Monroe once more. Good to be on a bike.

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Mr. Beanz said...

Geeze! Looks nice in the pictures. This is a record setting two weeks off the bike for me in maybe last 10 years. Thanks to the holidays, rain, root canals, and a stupid cold. Feeling a little better for the NY weekend but the rain is threatening again! Pfft! I better just stay home and eat more tamales haha!

If you do any rain rides, be sure to post some soaking wet muddy pictures of yourself and your bike so I can see the fun I am missing haha!